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function of TaxonNode context menu 'Copy' is unclear

Added by Andreas Kohlbecker 12 months ago. Updated 11 months ago.

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The Copy menu item is places directly after Delete. Delete removes the taxon node instance but Copy does not copy the node instance. Only the node label or title cache or taxon title cache or name title cache is copied.

This can be a confusing surprise to the user.

After the execution of the copy operation the status bar displays which causes the impression that a fairly complex operation has been completed.

After doing copy the user might search for a paste operation. Which is not available anywhere.

There are several options to solve this issue:

  1. Change the label of the menu entry to "Copy label text", "Copy taxon node label" etc
  2. Make a submenu with (examples are only to show the possibility of this approach)
    • Copy Taxon node label
    • Copy Taxon label
    • Copy name label
    • Copy classification path
  3. Allow label copies only by keyboard shortcuts. By this the copy operation is available just like in other applications.

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#1 Updated by Andreas Müller 11 months ago

I like the idea of having something like "Copy classification path" or "Copy hierarchy path" or so. This is something which is not available elesewhere and belongs to a taxon node. => maybe create a new ticket for this as this might be more work?

I also think that "Copy label" is better then only "Copy" though usually users do not simply copy a full subtree or only a taxon node. It does not make so much sense. But we should keep it short "Copy label" should be enough, we don't need "text" or "... taxon node...".
Also distinguishing Copy taxon, name or node is not necessary, because 1) node label = name label, 2) taxon label is very seldom required, and can be retrieved from taxon details view if required => let's keep the UI simple.
Why allowing only keyboard shortcuts I do not understand (keep in mind there are always users not using keyboard shortcuts, for them the functionality will be "not available").

The status line issue should be resolved if easy to fix. But once the label is changed it is not high priority or even not necessary.

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