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The curator must be able to unlock a published registration for edition

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The curator sometimes needs to modify the data for a registration after it has been published.

Currently it is required to set the registration to another status than published, edit the data and restore the published status. When doing this the registration date is updated, though.

To avoid the registration date to be changed when the curator needs to make modifications we agreed on providing a button for curators by which the registration can be "unlocked" even if it is published or "rejected".

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Revision 16580b3c (diff)
Added by Andreas Kohlbecker about 1 month ago

ref #8192 unlock button to allow curator and admin to edit published Registrations

Revision cd93f49b (diff)
Added by Andreas Kohlbecker 28 days ago

ref #8192 unlock button to allow curator and admin to edit published Registrations


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done, please review

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Checked in Test-System with two names of Nupela, registered 2018-11-02.

TypeSpecimen: unlock and add a type: works
TypeSpecimen: add locality: works
TypeSpecimen: correct accession number: works
TypeSpecimen: add field number: works
TypeSpecimen: add Geo reference: works

Name: correct epithet: works
Name: add incorrect name: works
Name: correct or add reference detail: works

Im all cases the origninal registration date was kept, as agreed.

These are examples which occur in real life.

Question: are the changes tracked in the system (changed content, updated who, when)?

The critical point is the correction of the epithet (needed if it turns out, that a name published was incorrect in terms of orthography).

Once the nomenclatural status can be added, this will be a major issue for later corrections, e.g. change status from [NULL] to inval. or illeg. This should be tested.

Please check the last lines. If there are no doubts, this ticket can be set to 100% and to closed.

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