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Name and orthographic variant - were to link types

Added by Wolf-Henning Kusber about 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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Types can be linked to the corrected name or to the incorrect name (as published).

There are arguments to link a type to the correct name only, there are also arguments to link the type to the incorrect name.
Currently, without user guidance, users will decide in a differen way.

Furthermore a name might be registered with a type. Later it turns out that the name is incorrect. How to deal with this?

First possibility: guide the user, for example "link the type to the name published".
Second possibility: disallow linking the type to one of the entries.

What do you think?


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Updated by Andreas Kohlbecker about 3 years ago

once a name is known to be incorrect (has a name relation to the correcting name) it should no longer possible to

  1. create a registration for this name
  2. add any type data to an existing registration for this name
  3. should such registration be rejected? automatically?
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Updated by Andreas Kohlbecker about 3 years ago

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Updated by Wolf-Henning Kusber about 3 years ago

Currently, I can link types to both names (see screen shot, by the way, I put in 1234 as number before the page was updated, so the data got lost)

May we can take away the link to the type for the incorrect name once a corrected name is registered.
But the problem that already types linked to a (incorrect) name befor it is recognized as incorect is unsolved.

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Updated by Wolf-Henning Kusber about 3 years ago

  • Assignee changed from Wolf-Henning Kusber to Andreas Kohlbecker
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Updated by Wolf-Henning Kusber about 3 years ago

As a basis for discussion:

A given name must be available (selectable) for new Working sets.
That means: if an incorrect name was corrected, the corrected name is searchable = an epi- or lectotype, for instance, will be linked to this one.

If an incorrect name was not recognized as an incorrect one and registered as such, this name will apear in the selection and this one is available for epi- or lectotypes.

If an incorrect name is corrected, the incorrect name should be protected for linking types to the incorrect name.

An incorrect name once registered, can only be corrected by the curator (or admin). If, for instance, a holotype was already linked to the incorrect name, it may stay there. New types will linked to the corrected name after the name correction.

This could be a pragmatic way to handle these cases.
In Vaadin, I see no problems for user. Hope there will be no problems for the portal.


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