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blocking registrations can get lost when first TaxonNamePopupEditor with new name is not saved

Added by Andreas Kohlbecker 8 months ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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Consider the following situation:

  1. Registration Workingset Editor: user starts creating a new name
  2. From the TaxonNamePopupEditor for new name the user creates a new name as basionym.
  3. Saving the name to be used as basionym will create and persist a blocking registration which is stored in a local variable of the RegistrationWorkingsetEditor (see #7630).

Saving new initially started TaxonNamePopupEditor would create a new registration and the blocking registration would be added to the new registration. But the user can click Cancel in the first editor or can close the browser window, tab. In both cases the blocking registration would not be added to the main registration.

The user can start the registration of the new name from scratch, the basionym name now exists an can be selected from in the combobox.

This is not a big problem, but could cause situations in which requirement to solve the blocking registrations first before the main registration can be published is undermined.

Some options of how to deal with this:

  • Curator is responsible for adding the 'lost' blocking registrations to the main registration
  • When a blocking registration is created the new name in the initially opened editor is saved and the according main registration is created so that the blocking registration can be attached to it.
  • When a name which is related to a Registration in progress is uses as basionym, etc of another name the registration in progress the registration is considered as blocking. So it is added as blocking registration to the main registration. What if the submitter of the blocking registration is different from the submitter of the main registration? presumably best solution

Needs discussion


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