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TaxonNamesEditor to fill authorship fields automatically if nomref and basionym are set?

Added by Andreas Kohlbecker about 6 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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We misunderstood how the authorship fields in the TaxonName are used by the cdm library. In contrast to the current implementation of the TaxonNamePopupEditor, the various authorships are not derived from the nomenclatural reference or from the basionym. It is required to add these explicitly to the TaxonName. This is redundant and adds an extra effort in entering a TaxonName via the TaxonNamePopupEditor. For performance reasons and in the context of other project it is better and more straight forward to have this redundancy.

In order to ease the manual data entry it could make sense to fill the authorship fields automatically based on the nomencaltural reference and on the basionym if these are set. The fields should be hidden in case the authorship derived this way is equal to the value of the names authorship field. Otherwise a notification should be shown to the user: "The ....authors differ from the authors in the .... This could be an error, please double check if this deviation is by purpose." For combination authors: "If the authors of the name differ from the authors of the current nomenclatural reference you can create a section with different authors as in-reference of the current nomenclatural reference."

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Henning, this issue should be fully solved now, and you are welcome to review this ticket.

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