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PK Graph view issues

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  • The label for the graph editor is to general "Polytomous Key Graph Editor". It should include the name of the key. "Polytomous Key" and "Editor" can be removed I think.
  • For the graph editor I would expect a context menu for "add new child", etc. But I can see, that this is already missing in the e3 version. So it is not a migration issue. But we may want to open a new ticket for it.
  • The zooming mechanism is not available anymore. This is good as the zoom does not clutter the symbol bar anymore with multiple dropdown menus. However a zoom functionality is helpful for large keys (but priority is not so high if this is difficult to implement)
  • Open graph views are not synchronized anymore with the list view. E.g. if I add a new alternative in the list view it is not shown in the graph view, even after save (this is not release critical as the graph is not very often used)
  • The graph tab should be called something like "Graph:{key name}". Only the name might be confusing in some use-cases.

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Copied from Edit - feature request #6908: Migrate polytomous key module Closed 08/14/2017

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