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The status string in distribution editor should be choosable between symbol and idInVocabulary

Added by Katja Luther over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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For projects using the status symbols for the distribution status it should be possible to show the symbol in status drop down.

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Added by Katja Luther over 3 years ago

ref #6927: add symbol to preferences of distribution editor


#1 Updated by Andreas Müller over 3 years ago

Using symbol might be critical as symbol is not necessarily expected to be unique. Also symbol might be expected to be the empty string for e.g. default values like "native". Empty string as selection might not be a good solution.
The "symbol" is explicitly meant for publishing output and especially for the short output string.

But I can also see that it is confusing for the user to have 2 different versions which differ, especially if generic vocabularies are used where symbol and idInVocabulary differ explicitly.

Which usage of the string is critical here? The display in the table or in the dropdown? For the dropdown we could use the long label (with maybe symbol OR idInVoc in brackets or in front. This will prevent from choosing the wrong type.
But if also the display in the table is critical a solution is more difficult. E.g. how to differ empty string from no value available?

But of course this could all be up to the user and configured via preferences (with default to idInVoc).

#2 Updated by Katja Luther over 3 years ago

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now the symbol can be added to the label if it is selected in the preferences.

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