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Add link to Structure, Property, Method(?) and Type(?)

Added by Andreas Müller almost 2 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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Characters / Features need to link to Structures and Properties to define them within an Ontology of structures and properties. Maybe we also want to have a link to methods (as values and states differ by the way they are measured).

I also noticed that we need something like "Type" but I don't remember what this type was. Maybe have to check the meeting notes.

Structures need to be defined in a tree-structure (or even a general graph/ontology like). As terms in general do not yet have such a structure we could, as a workaround, handle them as Features and then link to a FeatureNode. The link needs to be a node in a tree not the structure itself as there are structures that are reused and only the position within the tree gives a full idea on the exact semantics of the structure node to be linked.

We also need to discuss if we want to create a subclass "Character" to distinguish general features and those defined by structure and property.

Also we need to discuss more general tree structure within the refactoring of the Terms part of the CDM.

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Added by Andreas Müller almost 2 years ago

ref #6618 add class Character and attributes structure and property


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I suggest to close this ticket as "structure" and "property" is implemented now. We may reopen or create new ticket if further changes are needed.

Please review.

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this has been implemented

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