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feature request #4719: [MASTER] Implement IntextReference

Implement handling of IntextReferences in dataportal

Added by Andreas Müller almost 2 years ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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For information about IntextReferences see #4719.

References generally should link to the according object of type TaxonName, Taxon, SpecimenOrObservation, Agent, Media, Reference or "Key".

However, for Reference we may need some more logic as the references should be included into the footnote references also (maybe configurable).

How to interpret intext code:

Example: Jebb & Cheek Blumea 42 (1997) 80/cdm:reference

  • The intext type is given with the tag (cdm:reference). Existing types can be found in enum IntextReferece.CDM_INTEXT_CLASS.
  • The uuid of the referenced CDM class is given with cdmId.
  • The uuid of the intextReference as stored e.g. together with LanguageString or Annotation (these both implement IIntextReferencable and do have attribute set "intextReferences") is given in intextId.
  • the text, that needs to be shown is the one within the opening and closing tag.

IntextReferences of type cdm:reference will need to be included into the bibliography module. So here probably the text only needs to be followed by a footnote linking to the reference/source in the bibliography.

For all(?) other implementations a link should be created to the resource itself. E.g. with cdm:taxon we should link to domain/taxon/uuid with uuid=cdmId. The problem here is that we do not yet have a page implementation for all the types, I think. Especially agent and probably also taxonname does not have a page yet. But these are needed anyway so we should start to build some very first versions.

Related issues

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Example data for reference and key are now available for caryo_nepenthes and flora_malesiana_clean. Example data you may find in #6472. You will find examples for intext linking to reference in these taxa, too.

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I just see that we do have types for cdm:reference and cdm:source. Probably the later one is usually better as it represents sources similar to ordinary "Source"s . However, in Flora Malesiana/Nepenthes we used cdm:reference. Maybe this was because cdm:source was created only later, but maybe there was another reason.

We should implement both types in the dataportal by linking to the bibliography if possible. (open for discussion)

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