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Fix wiki page Roadmap

Added by Andreas Kohlbecker almost 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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The trac query macros which have been used in trac need to be replaced by equivalent functionality in redemine:

Query macros for Roadmap page and others:


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I found a solution by making use of the redmine_wiki_lists plugin
This macro

{{ref_issues(-q:Release4.2 , id, subject, status)}}

results in the display of the issued found by the saved custom query Release4.2 in form of a table

The result is actually more space consuming compared to what we had in trac, but it is the only straight forward solution i found.

Other options could be:

  1. Write a plugin
  2. Use the or plugins.

Separating out Milestones from Releases would make the build-in Roadmap Views more clear and focused on versions. Using redmine_release_notes together with a plugin which supports milestones could be nice solution, but maybe much more work to maintain.

@a.mueller: please review

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This looks good to me. the result looks very similar to what we had before and to have the status also available is an advantage I think. This way developers can easily find out if there are e.g. duplicates still handled in the milestones though they shouldn't.

The alternatives do all have drawbacks as either the projects are not maintained anymore or they do not allow as much configurability as our current solution.

I think we can close this ticket.

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