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provide drupal installation profile for multilingual sites

Added by Andreas Kohlbecker over 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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requires steps:

1. install the required modules

IMPORTANT*: The translations supplied with the cdm_dataportal module will only be imported during the module installation if the according languages are set up *before installing the module!!!!

  1. enable language and i18n & i10N modules (see #5913 for details)

  2. enable all languages provided with the cdm_dataportal module.

  3. import the translations:

drush l10n-update-refresh
drush l10n-update --languages=...
  1. enable the cdm_dataportal module

Alternatively we could provide easy to use functions that allow portal maintainers to activate languages and to automatically import the according translations.

2. setup the language switcher

  1. place 'Language switcher' block in reqion 'navigation bar' and set the block title to ''

  2. add the following css rules to the 'CDM DataPortal base theme' 'User defined styles':

#block-locale-language {
  margin-top: -2.8em;
  float: right;

ul.language-switcher-locale-session {
  padding-right: 5px;
ul.language-switcher-locale-session li {
 display: inline;
ul.language-switcher-locale-session li a:link, 
ul.language-switcher-locale-session li a:visited {
 color: white;

3. Configure content types

This is recommended for the content types article and Basic page:

  1. in admin/structure/types/manage/{content_type} :

a. Publishing options > Multilingual support: (x)Enabled, with translation

a. submit form

a. Multilingual settings > Extended language options: [[x]|Set current language as default for new content & [x]] Require language (Do not allow Language Neutral).

  1. admin/structure/types/manage/{content_type}/display :

a. set Language to Hidden

  1. go to /node/1/translate and click add translation or directly go to /node/add/page?translation=1&target=es}}. This will create {{{node/2 as spanish translation of node/1

5. Site set up

  1. go to /admin/config/system/site-information?variable_realm_key_language=es and set the spanish Default front page: [node/2]

  2. if you need to tranlate the site name, go to the same page as above and set the Site name

  3. multilingual front page variable : admin/config/regional/i18n/variable Site information > [x] Default front page

6. Set up menus

  1. in admin/structure/menu/manage/main-menu/edit Multilingual options >> Translation mode set (x) Fixed Language. and choose Language English

  2. got to admin/config/regional/translate/i18n_string check [[x]|Menu and [x]] Clean up left over strings and submit the form

  3. Now a new Menu items can be added. The language of the menu item is determined by the node language it is pointing to.

7. Set permissions

Add permissions to @CDM admin@:

administer content translations 
administer languages

translate content               
translate interface             
translate user-defined strings 

Creating Profiles

Examples and Templates

The drupal module l10n_install could serve as template for our own installation profile. Source code for Drupal 7 is found here:


feature request #5911: deploy spanisch translation with the cdm_dataportal moduleClosedAndreas Kohlbecker

bug #5912: translatable dynamic strings conform to drupal policyClosedAndreas Kohlbecker

feature request #5913: enable required i18n modules by defaultNewAndreas Kohlbecker


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