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Allow 3 ways of ordering in Taxon Navigator

Added by Andreas Müller over 5 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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We may want to have 3 options to change the ordering: natural, rank - alphabet, pure alphabet. Currently the preferences allow only 2 types of ordering, natural and non-natural. We may want to create an enumeration for this and a dropdown in the preference section to choose from.

this is split from #3771


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fixed with r27323 and r27324

#3 Updated by Andreas Müller about 5 years ago

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The 3 options do now exist and work.

However, the natural ordering #3771 still doesn't work correctly. Choosing "Predecessor" adds the taxon at the higher level (as a predecessor of the parent) and does not refresh the tree correctly.

Also the Message and the button labels in the selection parent-predecessor-cancel could still be improved and made more intuitive.

Finally, it is currently not easy to put a taxon as a first child of a parent if children already exist. Maybe we want to move a taxon at first position by default if choosing "parent". Moving it to the last position can be done by moving it to the preceding taxon and choose "predecessor".

#4 Updated by Andreas Müller about 5 years ago

Also I wonder if we couldn't automatically refresh the navigator if the preferences is changed. The navigator does not have unpersisted data so this is not dangerous (only may take some time, but needs to be done by the user anyway).

#5 Updated by Katja Luther about 5 years ago

the natural order works now see r27609

#6 Updated by Katja Luther about 5 years ago

now if the taxonnode is added as child it is put as first child and the text is changed see r27777

#7 Updated by Andreas Kohlbecker over 1 year ago

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