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refresh views after changing rights

Added by Andreas Müller almost 6 years ago. Updated 24 days ago.

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If a user with rights changing permission changes rights that belong to him, the views like the tree navigator should be refreshed accordingly.

This is the same behavior as changing user #3101


#1 Updated by Andreas Müller 3 months ago

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#3 Updated by Andreas Müller 3 months ago

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Is this still an open issue?

If yes, please let discuss which milestone to put it to, as the old milestone is closed.

#4 Updated by Andreas Kohlbecker 24 days ago

  • Assignee changed from Andreas Kohlbecker to Katja Luther

I guess that this ticket has been erroneously assigned to me.

#5 Updated by Andreas Müller 24 days ago

Andreas Kohlbecker wrote:

I guess that this ticket has been erroneously assigned to me.

This ticket was created 6 years ago and was part of the authorization milestone you were work on at that time.
But ofcourse we may move this now to someone else.
You are meeting anyway next week to discuss such issues.

However, someone should check if this issue is still open.

#6 Updated by Katja Luther 24 days ago

  • Target version changed from Release 5.15 to Release 5.17

The description is not really clear.

Does the user itself changes his rights? Or the administrator?

#7 Updated by Andreas Müller 24 days ago

No it is the user him- or herself. So in this situation some windows might be open and functionality enabled which should not be enabled.

But as this is a very rare usecase we may think about a simple solution. E.g. we could say that chaning a persons own rights will close or refresh all windows and the user will get a warning about this before the change gets effective.
By the way it might be difficult to define if someones rights are changing, e.g. if a GrantedAutority is changing or the rights a group has. So maybe the simplest solution for now is, to generally not allow open windows when any rights are changed (except for the rights management windows).

By the way the problem could also appear that someone is changing rights while someone else on another machine works on something and this person looses rights.
However, as we still do have the server side voters it will never be possible to save something that someone has no rights for.
So, the longer I tink about this, the less I think that it is really worth thinking much about this issue.

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