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compile edit map service documentation of new features in version v1.4_dev and v1.5_dev

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compile documentation of new features in version v1.4_dev and v1.5_dev

the below excepts from a discussion related to #2707 ([E+M][Geo] Find shapefiles for non-tdwg E+M areas) is actually the most up-to-date documentation of v1.4_dev and v1.5_dev with the projection change

Some news from the EDIT webservices…


I’ve improved our Jenkins/ PHPUnit tests for the EDIT web service (the PHPUniy can now directly test the output of an HTTP GET request, while it was not the case before) and also worked today on the REST services.


I managed (on a test version called v1.4_dev) to debug the problem I had 2 weeks ago when the possibility to choose 2 different indexer columns was enabled.

It is now possible to have different indexer columns (eg below: “emarea” for Germany and “parent” for France),500&as=a:76FFFF|b:76FF22&ad=em_tiny_jan2003:emarea:a:Ge|em_tiny_jan2003:parent:b:Ga&bbox=-31.8,30.129996,51,71.529996

This script doesn’t break the other maps like it was the case before,VAN,BOR|b:BIS,SUM&as=a:8dd3c7~2|b:e91f16,5be166~2_4&ms=500&label=0&recalculate=false,500&l=background_gis:y,tdwg3:x&as=a:000000|y:FFFFFF|z:D0D0D0,D0D0D0|x:,000000|x_nf:FF000000,000000|w:77FFFF,FFFF77&ad=vmap0_afsa_elev_contour_ls:f_code:z:%25|vmap0_afsa_hydro_inland_water_prm_only_a:nam:w:%25|tdwg3:x_nf:%25&&bbox=29,-13,31,8&os=1:c/ffffff/10/noLabel&od=1:-2.5,29.25|-2.43333333333333,29.2333333333333|0.35,29.7833333333333|-3.05,28.4333333333333|-2.95,28.8166666666667|-2.25,28.6833333333333|-2.38333333333333,28.6666666666667|-1.4,29.6|-3.6,29.5|-3.0,29.55|-3.95,29.6166666666667&recalculate=true

Actually debugging the problem n°2 involved a substantial modification in the part of the script that generates the SLD…

The PHP script actually generates a first XML DOM document with the style information and, uses an intermediate XSLT field to finally write the final SLD and store it in the file system. I had to use some more intermediate DOMDocument in the PHP script (to add child XML node containing the name of the indexer columns in the first XML DOM), and also added an extra template in the XSLT file to have it running.


Regarding the possibility to handle several projections, it is now possible in this test version to specify a reprojection, but only for the JSON output, by using the parameter “dest_projection_epsg”,500&as=a:76FFFF|b:76FF22&ad=em_tiny_jan2003:emarea:a:Ge|em_tiny_jan2003:parent:b:Ga&bbox=-31.8,30.129996,51,71.529996&dest_projection_epsg=7777777&img=false

The JSON reply contains an element “bbox_dest_projection” that gives the coordinates of the bbox in the destination projection and another elements “points_dest_projection” with the position of the occurrence data (if PostGIS can handle it, I couldn’t get a reply with ESPG:777777 for Africa).

But the reprojection is currently not implemented for the PNG output (I guess the JSON output covers most of the CDM portal needs as it rebuild the map in OpenLayers…).

I need to merge these development into the current v1.2_dev version.

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