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One click installer for TaxEditor

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Installing the Taxonmic Editor has been identified as a big obstacle to a lot of users since the installation process currently involves downloading and installing a suitable java runtime environment and downloading and installing the editor itself.

The Taxonmic Editor should be installable by "one click" on each platform (Windows XP to 8, Mac OS X 10.5 and later, Debian based Linux systems). Installable by one click means actually that the installation package is provided as standard installer suitable for the different platforms:

  • Windows XP to 8: executable exe file

  • Mac OS X 10.5 and later: dmg file

  • Debian based Linux systems: deb file

The BitRock InstallBuilder ( is capable of producing installers for a big variety of platforms and also seems to be a flexible and mature tool.

The installer should contain:

  1. The OS specific Eclipse application which is created by a Jenkins job ( and deployed to The version of the taxonomic editor to be bundled into the installer must be configurable via a parameter to the install builder process.

  2. a suitable Java JRE for the specific platform, that is the latest java 1.7.x version. How can we assure that always the latest version of java is being used?

The process of running the install builder should be integrated into the build and deploy pipeline on the jenkins server ( If the install builder has to be run for each platform specific installer separately we will need to set up a matrix job at jenkins.


#1 Updated by Andreas Müller about 7 years ago

We may also need something similar for Dataportals and CDM Server

#2 Updated by Andreas Kohlbecker about 7 years ago

Replying to a.mueller:

We may also need something similar for Dataportals and CDM Server

Yes, and we already discussed this during the Vibrant Workshop:

The results from this discussion are now in a new ticket: #4025 (ease installation of platform components)

According to the findings described in this ticket regarding the editor we know that option 1. "Java Web Start" is not suitable, since this will already require a fully functional jre.

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#4 Updated by Cherian Mathew about 7 years ago

If choosing the option of the BitRock Installer one thing to note is that although this is a commercial product they offer open source licenses for open source projects (

I have contacted them to enquire about our situation and the email exchange (dated 07/02/2013) is appended below,

Hi Cherian,

Thanks for your interest in InstallBuilder.

we would not be able to carry any branding of your product when using it for our


We would be happy to give you one license for your project, but please note that the screens of installers created with InstallBuilder contain a watermark saying "powered by InstallBuilder", which is part of the product and cannot be removed.

Best regards,

BitRock Sales

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 I am a software developer working with the biodiversity Informatics group at the BGBM ( Out of the many taxonomy based (open-source) projects that we undertake, the EDIT Taxonomic Editor ( is a desktop application which is used by taxonomists spread across many Universities and Institutes. Licensing for the application can be found at -

I have had a quick look at the InstallBuilder product and think that it would be a perfect install delivery system for our application. I was wondering if our application would meet your open-source requirements and if we would be able to use the InstallBuilder with an open source licence. Also, please note that due to financial (tax) obligations we would not be able to carry any branding of your product when using it for our application.

#5 Updated by Cherian Mathew about 7 years ago

We may have to re-check with them to confirm, since it was some time ago. We should also make sure that the installbuilder branding is not a problem for us

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Not sure if this is still a highly relevant issue as JRE is now included if needed. However, one click install is definetely a nice feature and "with JRE" installation needs to be reevaluated anyway with Java 11 policy not to have preinstalled JREs anymore.

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