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Proper handling of cdm webservice HTTP status codes

Added by Andreas Kohlbecker almost 8 years ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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Currently the HTTP status codes returned by the cdm web-service are neglected. For example a call to causes an HTTP ERROR 500. The resulting json object returned by the cdm_ws_get() function is null but the user is not informed about the error that occurred. The synonymy page of Askellia benthamii ( ) is almost empty.

We need to find a way to handle these errors properly, that is to inform the user on such problems. But keep in mind that it might be necessary to ignore HTTP errors in some cases, that is to suppress warning messages.

related tickets which could have benefited from better http status handling.

consider to display notifications in the according web page part to notify the user that this part has problems.

  • #4972 (cyprus: mixed vocabularies break custom status colors)

Related issues

Blocks Edit - feature request #7513: Proper user feedback on attempt to access unpublished taxon New 06/26/2018


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see also [#4977#note-4]

in case of errors in the search web service the result says "No matching entries found". It should better say that an exception occurred if possible.

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