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From 08/11/2020 to 09/09/2020


02:33 PM Edit task #9201: Titelcache creation for nested collections - DISCUSS
Example in Test-PhycoBank
Abas vulgaris
Given A. Kohlbecker has stored his samples at two places:
"Coll. Kohlbec...
Wolf-Henning Kusber


05:20 PM Edit feature request #8850 (Feedback): Show annotations for DerivedUnits (Fieldunits etc) in Registrat...
Interesting solution. There is something resolved.
But how can you decide if the note is related to the field unit...
Wolf-Henning Kusber
04:53 PM Edit feature request #9182: Sub-collection and Collection vs. Collection and Super-Collection

Done: Name of collection can be entered and is be stored in the correct field in CDM, that is an important improvem...
Wolf-Henning Kusber
04:21 PM Edit bug #9109: Search button font icon broken
Viewed in Firefox: Bug is fixed, ticket can be closed. Wolf-Henning Kusber


12:25 PM Edit feature request #9196 (New): Submitter enable technical notes
Submitter have restricted rights for editing/selecting notes.
enabled: 1 note = editorial note
feature request:...
Wolf-Henning Kusber

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