2015-09-14 Cherian Mathew#5202 Added alphabetical sort for cdm instances list
2015-09-14 Cherian MathewMerge branch 'develop' into remoting-4.0
2015-09-14 Cherian Mathew#5242, #5223 Improve performance of derivate loading...
2015-09-14 Patrick PlitznerUse wizard to create new specimen
2015-09-14 Patrick PlitznerTrim code
2015-09-14 Patrick PlitznerKeep media view and factual data view enabled when...
2015-09-14 Patrick PlitznerTrim code
2015-09-11 Cherian Mathew#5223 Replace service methods with similar entity calls
2015-09-11 Cherian MathewFix incorrect merge
2015-09-11 Cherian MathewFix incorrect merge
2015-09-11 Cherian MathewCorrect version
2015-09-11 Cherian MathewCorrect version
2015-09-10 Cherian MathewCorrect osgi version
2015-09-10 Cherian MathewUpdate snapshot version
2015-09-10 Cherian Mathew#5237 Add changes from stand alone handler
2015-09-10 Cherian MathewMerge branch 'develop' into remoting-4.0
2015-09-10 Cherian MathewMerge branch 'develop' into remoting-4.0
2015-09-10 jenkinsupdating poms for 3.9.0-SNAPSHOT development
2015-09-10 jenkinsRevert project versions to 3.8.0-SNAPSHOT
2015-09-10 jenkinsUpdated version in pom / project files to taxeditor...
2015-09-10 Andreas KohlbeckerRevert "Updated version in pom / project files to taxed...
2015-09-10 Andreas KohlbeckerRevert "Revert project versions to 3.8.0-SNAPSHOT"
2015-09-10 jenkinsRevert project versions to 3.8.0-SNAPSHOT
2015-09-10 jenkinsUpdated version in pom / project files to taxeditor...
2015-09-10 Cherian Mathew#5234 Add correct updated objects to change event
2015-09-10 Cherian Mathew#5233 Correct login / password persistence
2015-09-10 Cherian MathewDisable persisting login preferences when connecting...
2015-09-10 Cherian MathewAdd initModel call to constructor since it requires...
2015-09-09 Cherian Mathew#5225 Replace saveOrUpdate with merge for new entity...
2015-09-09 Patrick PlitznerMoved "Original Name" field to subclass (#5133)
2015-09-09 Patrick PlitznerTrim code
2015-09-09 Patrick PlitznerDisable media view for taxon bulk editor with no select...
2015-09-09 Patrick PlitznerFixed potnetial NPE
2015-09-09 Cherian Mathew#5228 Remove unnecessary model init on refresh
2015-09-09 Cherian MathewCleanup unused code
2015-09-09 Patrick PlitznerOptimize Code #5103
2015-09-09 Patrick PlitznerI18n for derivative module
2015-09-09 Patrick PlitznerI18n for Specimen Editor
2015-09-09 Patrick PlitznerReplace URL with URI in exception message
2015-09-09 Cherian MathewAdd new service call
2015-09-09 Cherian Mathew#5224 Using new cdmlib call for changing synonym to...
2015-09-09 Patrick PlitznerCorrect german translation (#5062, #5199)
2015-09-08 Cherian MathewMerge branch 'develop' into remoting-4.0
2015-09-08 Cherian MathewAdd unimplemented methods
2015-09-08 Cherian Mathew#5213 Use method to move descriptions using uuids
2015-09-08 Cherian MathewAdd annotation service to config
2015-09-08 Patrick PlitznerTrim code
2015-09-08 Cherian Mathew#5214 Fix initialization of remoting session
2015-09-07 Cherian MathewReplace saveOrUpdate with merge
2015-09-07 Cherian MathewIgnore test server ping tests
2015-09-07 Cherian MathewIgnore edit test server ping test
2015-09-07 Cherian MathewIgnore unauthenticated user test for now
2015-09-07 Cherian Mathew#5052 Integrate remoting in granted authorites editor
2015-09-07 Cherian MathewDisable login preferences in case of dev server
2015-09-07 Cherian MathewAdd test for unathenticated user
2015-09-07 Patrick PlitznerEnhance handling of simple and advanced media view
2015-09-07 Patrick PlitznerClose conversation when closing DerivateSearchView
2015-09-07 Patrick PlitznerFix NPE for advanced media view
2015-09-07 Cherian MathewEnable test for taxon nodes deletion
2015-09-07 Cherian MathewCheck if updated objects are null
2015-09-07 Cherian MathewSet read timeout for services to infinite
2015-09-07 Cherian MathewReplace spring application context loading with program...
2015-09-04 Cherian MathewCorrect test to use uuids
2015-09-04 Cherian MathewFix new occurrence / sequence move method calls
2015-09-04 Cherian MathewCorrect transient service method
2015-09-03 Cherian Mathew#5187 Use new move methods with uuids as args
2015-09-03 Cherian MathewUpdate operation for move taxon nodes
2015-09-03 Cherian MathewAdd unimplemented methods
2015-09-03 Cherian MathewCorrect merge
2015-09-03 Cherian MathewMerge branch 'develop' into remoting-4.0
2015-09-03 Cherian Mathew#5188 Add special for deleting sequence
2015-09-03 Cherian Mathew#5186 Fix erros in sequence merge and creating new...
2015-09-03 U-BGBM\k.lutherminor
2015-09-03 U-BGBM\k.luthermoving taxonnode with drag & drop as predecessor fixed
2015-09-03 Cherian Mathew#5138 Add test for normal Person load case
2015-09-03 U-BGBM\k.lutherchange preferences page for taxonnode sort
2015-09-03 Andreas Kohlbeckeradapting transient service implementation to changes...
2015-09-02 U-BGBM\k.lutherfixing #5150
2015-09-02 U-BGBM\k.luthererror handling in deleteHandler/operation of navigator
2015-09-02 U-BGBM\k.lutherbetter messaging when convert person to team does not...
2015-09-02 U-BGBM\k.lutherMerge branch 'develop' of
2015-09-02 U-BGBM\k.luthermoving more than one taxon node, merge of team and...
2015-09-02 Patrick PlitznerAdd space to message
2015-09-02 Cherian Mathew#5181 Fix incorrect load of CdmServiceCacher when conne...
2015-09-01 Cherian MathewIgnoring test until #5138 is fixed
2015-09-01 Cherian MathewMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin' into remoting-4.0
2015-09-01 Cherian Mathew#5138 Add test for cascade error
2015-09-01 Patrick PlitznerFix NPE
2015-09-01 Patrick PlitznerAvoid exception loop when taxon name is null (#4996)
2015-09-01 Patrick PlitznerDo not show taxon navigator menu entries when nothing...
2015-09-01 Patrick PlitznerTrim code
2015-08-27 Cherian Mathew#5009 Fix post polytomous key delete operation event...
2015-08-27 Cherian Mathew#5161 Initialize listeners on cdm entities before put...
2015-08-27 Cherian Mathew#5161 Fix problem of new entity not refreshed
2015-08-27 U-BGBM\k.lutherMerge branch 'develop' of
2015-08-27 U-BGBM\k.lutherfix #5171
2015-08-26 Cherian MathewCheck for disposed widget
2015-08-26 Cherian Mathew#5143, #5144 Improve load performance for name editor
2015-08-26 Cherian MathewMove Base operations test class to right package
2015-08-26 Patrick PlitznerAdd PDE runtime environment to target platform (provide...