2017-06-18 Patrick PlitznerMerge branch 'develop' into featureTreeEditor
2017-06-18 Patrick PlitznerRevert "Split up composites of FeatureTreeEditor"
2017-06-16 Patrick Plitznerref #6694 Move menu item to "Term Editor"
2017-06-16 Patrick Plitznerref #6694 Beautify alignment of feature tree editor
2017-06-16 Patrick Plitznerref #6694 Remove moved feature node after drag and...
2017-06-16 Patrick Plitznerref #6694 Implement selection propagation in feature...
2017-06-16 Patrick Plitznerref #6694 Set FeatureTree editor dirty after drag and...
2017-06-16 Patrick Plitznerfix #6726 Use correct selection service for dynamic...
2017-06-16 Patrick Plitznerref #6566 Re-enable "Edit" menu
2017-06-16 Patrick Plitznerref #6733 Add model fragment to bin.includes
2017-06-16 Patrick PlitznerUpdate molecular lib project description
2017-06-16 Patrick Plitznerref #6733 Set apply time of model fragment to "always"
2017-06-16 Patrick Plitznerref #6733 Make model fragment IDs unique
2017-06-15 Andreas Müllerref #6535 fix updated test H2 in taxeditor
2017-06-15 Andreas Müllerref #6535 fix updated test H2 in taxeditor
2017-06-15 Katja Lutherref #6527: change the labels for media deletion config...
2017-06-15 Katja Lutheradd source reference string to excelImport wizard and...
2017-06-14 Katja Lutherminor
2017-06-14 Katja Lutherref #6658: add calendar widget to dateElement
2017-06-13 Katja Lutherref #6390: fix display of misapplied names in name...
2017-06-13 Katja Lutherfix #6664: set value of mediaCreated correctly
2017-06-13 Katja Lutherfix #6664: fix delete in bulkeditor
2017-06-13 Katja Lutherremove unused imports
2017-06-13 Katja Lutherfix #6658: add mediaCreated date field
2017-06-13 Katja Lutherminor
2017-06-13 Katja Lutherminor
2017-06-13 Katja Lutherrevert richtext elements
2017-06-13 Katja Lutherrevert MANIFEST changes for richtext editor
2017-06-13 Katja Lutheradd warning for referencing objects in all agent detail...
2017-06-12 Katja Lutherref #6607: add accessed field to reference detail element
2017-06-12 Katja Lutherfixed rcp target
2017-06-09 Katja Lutherfix #6711: add initials to person detailelement
2017-06-09 Katja Lutherref #6390: add all name related parts to details view...
2017-06-09 Katja Lutherref #6390: minor changes
2017-06-09 Katja Lutherref #6390: missed to commit the changes for NameEditor
2017-06-09 Katja Lutherref #6527: adapt delete operation to show up error...
2017-06-09 Katja Lutherset CHECK to IMPORT_WITHOUT_CHECK for updater
2017-06-09 Katja Lutherminor
2017-06-09 Katja Lutheradd ITaxonEditor interface for getting taxon in store...
2017-06-09 Katja Lutherfix jenkins
2017-06-09 Katja Lutherref #6390: revert some changes and add DetailsViewPart...
2017-06-09 Katja Lutherrevert richtext parts
2017-06-09 Katja Luthersmaller changes for io result display and configuration...
2017-06-09 Katja Lutherref #6390: adapt details view for misapplied names
2017-06-08 Patrick PlitznerSplit up composites of FeatureTreeEditor
2017-06-07 Patrick Plitznerminor changes
2017-06-07 Patrick PlitznerMerge branch 'develop' into featureTreeEditor
2017-06-07 Patrick PlitznerMerge branch 'ticket#6694' into develop
2017-06-07 Patrick Plitznerref #6694 Remove wizard pages and plugin configurations
2017-06-07 Patrick Plitznerref #6694 Set pattern when creating a new feature tree
2017-06-07 Patrick Plitznerref #6694 Improve UI and feature tree creation
2017-06-06 Patrick Plitznerref #6694 Handle dirty state when adding/removing features
2017-06-06 Patrick Plitznerref #6694 Implement Feature Tree Editor
2017-06-06 Andreas Müllerupdate hibernate mapping in TaxEditor and update cached...
2017-06-06 Patrick PlitznerAdd missing switch statement
2017-06-06 Patrick PlitznerUpdate name of target platform to "neon"
2017-06-06 Patrick PlitznerDelete unused class and fix potential NPE
2017-06-06 Patrick PlitznerMerge branch 'develop' into featureTreeEditor
2017-06-06 Andreas Mülleradapt Taxeditor test data to model update
2017-06-05 Andreas Müllerupdate taxeditor test H2 to model 4.7 feature/cdm-4.7
2017-06-05 Andreas Müllerref #6535 final adaptations to CdmMetaDataPropertyName...
2017-06-05 Andreas Müllerref #6690 use SchemaUpdateResult in TaxEditor
2017-06-05 Andreas Müllerref #6689 adapt path to IoResultBase
2017-06-05 Andreas Müllerref #6446 merge taxon name subclasses in TaxEditor
2017-06-04 Andreas Müllerref #6535 adapt TaxEdtior to new CdmMetaDataPropertyName
2017-06-04 Andreas MüllerMerge branch 'develop' into feature/cdm-4.7
2017-06-04 Andreas Müllerminor
2017-06-02 Patrick PlitznerImplement creation of characters via drag'n'drop
2017-06-01 Patrick PlitznerShow properties in property tree
2017-06-01 Patrick PlitznerMerge branch 'develop' into featureTreeEditor
2017-06-01 Patrick PlitznerFix selection handling for DetailsView
2017-06-01 Patrick PlitznerRefactor structure tree for Features
2017-06-01 Katja Lutherminor
2017-06-01 Patrick PlitznerMerge branch 'develop' into featureTreeEditor
2017-06-01 Katja Lutheradapt changeSynonymToAcceptedTaxonOperation to changed...
2017-06-01 Patrick Plitznerref #6596 Add SaveHandler for specimen editor
2017-06-01 Patrick PlitznerDelete unused classes
2017-06-01 Patrick Plitznerref #6596 Refactored selection handling to support...
2017-05-31 Andreas Müllertry to fix Class Cast Exception in DerivedUnitTypeDesig...
2017-05-31 Katja Lutherminor
2017-05-31 Katja Lutherfix #6527: refactor media deletion configurator and...
2017-05-31 Katja Lutherminor
2017-05-31 Katja Lutherfix #6315: remaining issues of set secundum reference...
2017-05-31 Patrick PlitznerFix rendering of SearchBar
2017-05-30 Katja Lutherfix #6657: load polytomouskey with propertypath in...
2017-05-30 Patrick PlitznerAdapt to service layer change
2017-05-30 Katja Lutherref #6418: minor
2017-05-30 Katja Lutherfix #6418: set actual monitor to null and argument...
2017-05-30 Patrick PlitznerFix typo
2017-05-29 Katja Lutherref #6664: fix problem of not deleted objects in bulked...
2017-05-29 Patrick PlitznerInitial commit of prototype view
2017-05-29 Patrick PlitznerFix possile NPE
2017-05-23 Patrick Plitznerref #6566 Fix potential StackOverflow when linking...
2017-05-23 Patrick Plitznerref #6566 Removed unused classes and properties
2017-05-23 Patrick Plitznerref #6566 Fix open handler for specimen editor
2017-05-23 Patrick Plitznerref #6566 Migrate "Open in" context menu for specimen...
2017-05-22 Patrick PlitznerMerge branch 'develop' into derivateView
2017-05-22 Patrick Plitznerref #6670 Remove "reporting view from menu
2017-05-22 Patrick Plitznerfix #6669 Refresh context menu before it is drawn
2017-05-22 Patrick PlitznerFix potential NPE when CdmStore is not yet active