2017-07-11 jenkinsMerge branch 'hotfix/4.8.2' 4.8.2
2017-07-11 Andreas Müllerref #6789 adapt label for misappl. doubtful and err...
2017-07-11 Andreas Müllerfix #6681 fix NPE for MAs having no sec and incorrect...
2017-07-11 Andreas Müllerfix #6681 show ,non Author also if appended phrase...
2017-07-10 Patrick Plitznerfix #6795 Invoke selection event when setting focus...
2017-07-10 Patrick Plitznerfix #6785 Enable multiple opening of the same part
2017-07-10 Patrick Plitznerfix #6783 Fix missing context menu item of group bulk...
2017-07-10 Katja Luthermisapplied name relationship details view fix
2017-07-10 jenkinsUpdated version in pom / project files to taxeditor...
2017-07-10 jenkinsMerge branch 'hotfix/4.8.1' 4.8.1
2017-07-10 Katja Lutheravoid NPE in check for dirty editors
2017-07-10 Katja Luthercode cleaning
2017-07-10 Katja Lutherref #6789: change sensu and err sec
2017-07-10 Katja Lutherchange sensu to sec referénce of the taxon
2017-07-10 Patrick Plitznerfix #6748 Fix creation of description for specimens
2017-07-10 jenkinsUpdated version in pom / project files to taxeditor...
2017-07-06 jenkinsMerge branch 'release/4.8.0' 4.8.0
2017-07-06 Patrick PlitznerAdd hybrid section configurator flag
2017-07-06 jenkinsUpdated version in pom / project files to taxeditor...
2017-07-06 Katja Lutherminor
2017-07-06 Katja Lutherremove isClassification from editor/plugin.xml
2017-07-06 Patrick PlitznerDelete already converted legacy e3 handler
2017-07-06 Patrick Plitznerfix #6776 ref #6745 Parts with tag "nonRestore" will...
2017-07-06 Katja Lutheradapt propertyTester to navigator changes
2017-07-05 Katja Lutherminor changes in admin name details view configuration
2017-07-05 Patrick PlitznerDelete unused class
2017-07-05 Katja Lutheradapt context menu to navigator changes
2017-07-05 Katja Lutherminor
2017-07-05 Katja Lutherref #3866: adapt deleteHandler to taxonNavigatot changes
2017-07-05 Patrick Plitznerminor
2017-07-05 Patrick Plitznerref #3866 Fix instanceOf check for classification taxon...
2017-07-05 Patrick PlitznerFix potential NPE
2017-07-05 Katja Lutherremove zip file check box on file selection dialog
2017-07-04 Patrick Plitznerref #6762 Use FeatureTreeEditorComposite for all tree...
2017-07-04 Katja Lutherminor
2017-07-04 Katja Lutherref #6390: supplemental data view for missapplied names
2017-07-04 Katja Lutherfactual data view and media view should be disabled...
2017-07-04 Patrick Plitznerref #6386 Save editor before another search
2017-07-04 Patrick Plitznerref #6776 do not render specimen editor when conversati...
2017-07-04 Katja Lutherthere was a regression in missapplied name details...
2017-07-04 Patrick Plitznerref #6596 Fix FieldUnit creation when linked with taxon...
2017-07-03 Andreas Müllerref #6754 add ..cdm.filter to export packages in TaxEditor
2017-07-03 Katja Lutherfix #6773: after changing password for other user this...
2017-07-03 Katja Lutheradapt to changes in ExportConfigurator
2017-06-30 Patrick Plitznerref #4611 l10n for delete handlers
2017-06-30 Patrick PlitznerFix typo
2017-06-30 Patrick Plitznercode cleanup
2017-06-30 Patrick PlitznerFix editing of new unsaved TextData
2017-06-30 Katja Luthercode cleaning
2017-06-30 Patrick PlitznerFix NPE when creating a new taxon on classification...
2017-06-29 Patrick PlitznerFix double display of title for MediaSpecimen
2017-06-29 Patrick PlitznerRemove menu item when no viewer is available
2017-06-29 Patrick Plitznerref #6762 Implement option to add kindOf related terms...
2017-06-29 Katja Luthermissed to commit changes in Root class
2017-06-29 Katja Luthersmaller changes in ExportWizard
2017-06-29 Patrick PlitznerFix context menu of bulk editor and media view
2017-06-29 Patrick PlitznerShow empty facutal data view when no data available
2017-06-29 Patrick PlitznerFix potential NPE when opening entities that have alrea...
2017-06-29 Katja Lutherremove the destination file from DwCA export configurator
2017-06-28 Patrick Plitznerref #6596 Fix selection handling for descriptive view
2017-06-28 Patrick PlitznerFix potential NPE
2017-06-28 Patrick Plitznerref #6748 Refactor parameter name to avoid ambiguity
2017-06-28 Patrick PlitznerRemove unused file
2017-06-28 Patrick PlitznerMake CharacterEditor experimental
2017-06-28 Patrick PlitznerMerge branch 'develop' into featureTreeEditor
2017-06-28 Patrick Plitznerref #6596 Keep track of active "editor"
2017-06-28 Patrick Plitznerref #6748 Unwrap E4 parts during selection change events
2017-06-28 Patrick Plitznerref #6566 add Mnemonics to main menu
2017-06-28 Patrick Plitznerref #6596 Add new utility class WorkbenchUtility in...
2017-06-28 Patrick Plitznerref #6596 Implement framework for accessing the selecti...
2017-06-28 Katja Lutherref #5329: refactor convertPerson2Team handler
2017-06-27 Patrick Plitznerref #6596 Replace CTRL+S keybinding with our own binding
2017-06-27 Patrick PlitznerFix potential class cast exception during selection...
2017-06-27 Patrick Plitznerref #6596 Enable "Save" icon when specimen editor is...
2017-06-27 Katja Luthershow success message after import/export
2017-06-26 Patrick PlitznerImplement session handling in CharacterEditor
2017-06-26 Patrick PlitznerMerge branch 'develop' into featureTreeEditor
2017-06-23 Katja Lutherset derivate view dirty if description detail is edited
2017-06-23 Katja Lutherchange wizard name of cdmLightExport in plugin.xml
2017-06-22 Katja Lutheravoid that mediaViewPart is inactive when details view...
2017-06-21 Katja Lutherto show the menu of the media view for derivate view
2017-06-21 Katja Lutherworkaround to show media and facts view for derivateView
2017-06-21 Katja Lutherfix #6749: add media to newly created mediaSpecimen
2017-06-21 Patrick Plitznerfix #6473 Set initial marker state to true
2017-06-21 Patrick Plitznerref #6596 Enable supplemental data view for specimen...
2017-06-21 Patrick PlitznerRemove dot at the end of derivative labels
2017-06-21 Patrick Plitznerref #6694 Always add new features to root node
2017-06-21 Patrick Plitznerref #6694 Use service methods to add and remove features
2017-06-21 Patrick Plitznerref #6694 Add CdmEntitySessionHandling to feature tree...
2017-06-21 Patrick Plitznerref #6566 Remove session view from plugin.xml
2017-06-21 Katja Lutherminor
2017-06-20 Patrick Plitznerfix ref #6743 missing l10n for specimen editor context...
2017-06-20 Patrick Plitznerl10n for specimen editor context menu
2017-06-20 Patrick Plitznerref #6694 l10n of FeatureTreeEditor
2017-06-20 Patrick Plitznerref #6694 Fix drag and drop behavior
2017-06-20 Patrick Plitznerref #6694 Fix session handling when moving feature...
2017-06-20 Patrick Plitznerref #6730 Adapt to cdmlib changes
2017-06-20 Patrick Plitznerref #6694 Extract composite and Listeners from FeatureT...
2017-06-20 Katja Lutherref #6730: fix delete of media
2017-06-20 Katja Lutherremove pattern string from DateElement when no data...