2011-03-16 n.hoffmannautomated build configuration is on its way
2011-03-16 n.hoffmannautomated build configuration is on its way
2011-03-16 n.hoffmannadding the cdmlib lib directory to rmap
2011-03-16 n.hoffmannhad to rename the packages to make them compliant with...
2011-03-16 n.hoffmannautomated build configuration is on its way
2011-03-16 n.hoffmannautomated build configuration is on its way
2011-03-16 n.hoffmannAutomatic building
2011-03-16 n.hoffmannautomated build configuration is on its way
2011-03-15 n.hoffmannautomated build configuration is on its way
2011-03-11 n.hoffmannThere now exists a dummy delete entry in the bulk edito...
2011-03-11 n.hoffmannSolves an issue with opening taxa from navigator. Impro...
2011-03-11 n.hoffmannSearchResultView opens on the left again.
2011-03-10 n.hoffmannBasically fixes #2282. I will create new tickets for...
2011-03-07 n.hoffmannminor cleanup
2011-03-07 n.hoffmannadresses #2257
2011-03-07 n.hoffmannStarts fixing #2268. We might have to do more here.
2011-03-07 n.hoffmannfixes issues with named area selection dialog and custo...
2011-03-02 n.hoffmannFixes an issue where named areas did not load initially
2011-03-02 n.hoffmannMakes user defined areas available. Fixes issues that...
2011-03-02 n.hoffmannFixes #2255
2011-03-01 n.hoffmannreverted changes from r11473
2011-03-01 n.hoffmannMerged refactoring from development branch.
2011-03-01 n.hoffmannincluding changes from cdmlib-print
2011-02-22 n.hoffmannImplemented editor optimized search method
2011-02-17 n.hoffmannFixing bugs in open url dialog
2011-02-17 n.hoffmannAdded an "EditInXper2" Button but without functionality
2011-02-16 n.hoffmannStarted refactoring user and group functionality
2011-02-15 n.hoffmannFixes an issue with derived unit editing where the...
2011-02-14 n.hoffmannIt is now possible to move descriptions between taxa.
2011-02-11 n.hoffmannImplemented correct handling of images for specimen...
2011-02-11 n.hoffmannFixes #2217
2011-02-10 n.hoffmannAs requested by #1846#comment:4
2011-02-08 n.hoffmannImplemented drag and drop for description elements...
2011-02-08 n.hoffmannSome refactoring and started on implementing images...
2011-02-04 n.hoffmannFixing issues with display of images in the supplementa...
2011-02-04 n.hoffmannMobotOpenUrl UI minor improvements
2011-02-04 n.hoffmannImplemented MobotOpenUrl UI
2011-01-28 n.hoffmannIntroduces a handler to delete all empty names; Cleans...
2011-01-28 n.hoffmannFixes adding, editing and deleting of terms in preferen...
2011-01-26 n.hoffmannFixes a problem that could have solved #2071; Resolves...
2011-01-26 n.hoffmannFixes #2209
2011-01-25 n.hoffmannRefactored concept relationship handling as it was...
2011-01-24 n.hoffmannRefactoring of name editor.
2011-01-17 n.hoffmannFixed a problem with updating views and editors after...
2011-01-17 n.hoffmann(no commit message)
2011-01-14 n.hoffmannfixes #2195
2011-01-13 n.hoffmannfixes #2196
2011-01-13 n.hoffmannsolved a problem with a missing command declaration
2011-01-11 n.hoffmannFixed a problem that prevented the direct print option...
2011-01-11 n.hoffmannfixes #2189
2011-01-10 n.hoffmannfixes #673, #2169, #2186
2011-01-07 n.hoffmannFixes #1790, also refactoring of perspective implementation
2011-01-06 n.hoffmannchanged the add icon
2011-01-06 n.hoffmannfixes #2153
2011-01-06 n.hoffmannfixes #2171, #2168
2011-01-05 n.hoffmannmoved disabled freetext color into themeable preferences
2010-12-20 n.hoffmanniteration of derived unit facade ui; also fixes #1946
2010-12-17 n.hoffmannadded a method to create a default DerivedUnitFacadeCon...
2010-12-17 n.hoffmannmade corrections to the sorting of sort providers
2010-12-15 n.hoffmannPolishing occurrence editing in the editor
2010-12-15 n.hoffmannExcluded sources jarx from exported plugin again.
2010-12-14 n.hoffmannFixes #1820; Refactoring of bulk editor component inclu...
2010-12-08 n.hoffmannfixes NPE that could occur when saving default feature...
2010-12-08 n.hoffmannAdded a new match mode. With the existing match modes...
2010-12-08 n.hoffmannfixes #2112
2010-12-08 n.hoffmannImproved startup procedure; refactoring
2010-12-08 n.hoffmannfixes #1504 and a few problems with persisting term...
2010-12-08 n.hoffmannfixes #2120
2010-12-08 n.hoffmannfixes #2115
2010-12-07 n.hoffmannfixes #2053 and a few minor bugs
2010-12-06 n.hoffmanndescriptive view part does not get shown for polytomous...
2010-12-06 n.hoffmannfixes a class cast exception
2010-12-03 n.hoffmannFixed a problem in descriptive view; polytomous key...
2010-11-29 n.hoffmann(no commit message)
2010-11-29 n.hoffmann(no commit message)
2010-11-25 n.hoffmannfixes #1138, #2010, #2011
2010-11-25 n.hoffmannremoving unused src folder
2010-11-25 n.hoffmannDatasource view gets updated now after an update was...
2010-11-25 n.hoffmannminor
2010-11-25 n.hoffmannfixes #1995
2010-11-25 n.hoffmannfixes #1995
2010-11-24 n.hoffmann(no commit message)
2010-11-24 n.hoffmannfixes #2056
2010-11-23 n.hoffmannadded a readme file
2010-11-18 n.hoffmannImproving translation editor
2010-11-15 n.hoffmannadded some site content
2010-11-15 n.hoffmannpreparations for cdmlib version 3
2010-11-12 n.hoffmann(no commit message)
2010-11-12 n.hoffmannremoving .classpath and .project from repository
2010-11-12 n.hoffmannRemoving buggy shellscripts for copying cdmlib resource...
2010-11-12 n.hoffmanncleaned up the cdmlib plugin
2010-11-12 n.hoffmannrenaming taxeditor's cdmlib plugin
2010-11-12 n.hoffmannrenamed taxeditor's cdmlib plugin
2010-11-11 n.hoffmannperformed javacscript:fix and worked on documentation
2010-11-09 n.hoffmannadding license
2010-11-09 n.hoffmannpom now contains sane data
2010-11-09 n.hoffmann(no commit message)
2010-11-09 n.hoffmannadding site content
2010-11-09 n.hoffmannadding site content
2010-11-05 n.hoffmannignoring the target directory