2015-10-19 Cherian Mathew#5301 Add merge call for saving new feature tree
2015-10-19 Cherian Mathew#5335 Use new getLanguageByLabel methof in term service
2015-10-19 Cherian Mathew#5306 Use default language if preferred language is...
2015-10-15 Katja LutherMerge branch 'develop' of
2015-10-15 Katja Lutherfix move taxonnode in natural order
2015-10-14 Cherian Mathew#5268 Use convert methods which use uuids
2015-10-14 Katja LutherMerge branch 'develop' of
2015-10-14 Katja Lutherfix #5261 and minor
2015-10-13 Cherian MathewFix setting of key statement
2015-10-13 Cherian MathewPerformance tuning
2015-10-13 Katja LutherMerge branch 'develop' of
2015-10-13 Katja Lutherfixing #5324 and #5325
2015-10-13 Cherian MathewBind null session for new derived unit wizard
2015-10-12 Cherian Mathew#5321 Add missing return statement for bad credentials
2015-10-12 Cherian Mathew#5320 Fix whitespace problem
2015-10-12 Andreas MüllerAdapt TaxEditor to use vocabulary term type instead...
2015-10-12 Katja Lutheradd distinction between remote and standalone for getti...
2015-10-12 Katja LutherMerge branch 'develop' of
2015-10-12 Katja Lutheradd moveDescription to transientService
2015-10-12 Cherian MathewAdd deproxy of entities in assertSame assertions
2015-10-09 Andreas Müllerremove Ignore on saveNewTerm test
2015-10-09 Andreas MüllerCleanup DeleteOperation
2015-10-09 Cherian MathewMerge branch 'master' into develop
2015-10-09 Cherian MathewRevert "Updated version in pom / project files to taxed...
2015-10-09 Cherian MathewAdd missing files to ignore on merge conflict
2015-10-09 Cherian MathewUpdated version in pom / project files to taxeditor...
2015-10-09 Cherian MathewAdd files to ignore on merge conflict if the 'ours...
2015-10-08 Cherian MathewAdd test for editor / server cdmlib version check
2015-10-08 Cherian Mathew#5302 Add cdm version and services version check
2015-10-08 Cherian MathewUpdate transient services for new load method
2015-10-08 Cherian Mathew#5309, #5310 Add load method to retrieve user entity...
2015-10-08 Katja LutherMerge branch 'develop' of
2015-10-08 Katja Lutherlast changes for #5114
2015-10-08 Cherian MathewAdd load capability for MergeResult objects
2015-10-08 Cherian MathewUpdate root entity merge calls to use new merge method.
2015-10-08 Katja Lutherminor
2015-10-08 Katja LutherMerge branch 'develop' of
2015-10-08 Katja Luther#5114 fix
2015-10-07 Patrick PlitznerUse convenience method for associated taxa
2015-10-07 Katja Luthernew ErrorDialog for delete result messaging
2015-10-07 Katja Lutherimprove messaging for deleteresults
2015-10-07 Katja Lutherminor
2015-10-07 Katja Luthercheck for isdeletable before set delete button disabled
2015-10-06 Patrick PlitznerI18n of login and data source view
2015-10-06 Patrick PlitznerFix potential NPE
2015-10-06 Patrick PlitznerFix named area filter for selection dialog (#2353)
2015-10-06 Katja Luthercreate new taxonnode with reuse name or taxon now with...
2015-10-06 Katja Lutherminor
2015-10-06 Katja Lutherminor in TaxonNodeDetailElement
2015-10-06 Katja LutherMerge branch 'develop' of
2015-10-06 Katja Luthermerge branches
2015-10-06 U-BGBM\k.luthermerge branches
2015-10-06 U-BGBM\k.lutherminor
2015-10-06 Patrick PlitznerDisable expanding of key section (#3461)
2015-10-06 Patrick PlitznerTrim code
2015-10-06 U-BGBM\k.luthermerge
2015-10-06 U-BGBM\k.lutherminor
2015-10-06 U-BGBM\k.lutherin a selection element an disabled element can't be...
2015-10-06 Patrick PlitznerDisable expanding of key section (#3461)
2015-10-06 U-BGBM\k.lutherMerge branch 'develop' of
2015-10-06 U-BGBM\k.lutherimprove messaging for deleteResult
2015-10-06 Patrick PlitznerTrim code
2015-10-05 Cherian MathewChange merge to standard call for new taxon node
2015-10-05 Cherian MathewAdd check for remoting before setting new entity listener
2015-10-05 Patrick PlitznerAdd null check to handler (#5283)
2015-10-05 Patrick PlitznerTrim code
2015-10-05 Patrick PlitznerAdd null check to derivate label provider (#5271)
2015-10-05 Patrick PlitznerDisable search bar when not connected to CDM store...
2015-10-05 Patrick PlitznerAllow using the search bar only if at least one letter...
2015-10-05 Patrick PlitznerDisable menu items when not connected to CDM store...
2015-10-05 U-BGBM\k.lutherminor
2015-10-05 Patrick PlitznerAdapt MediaSpecimen i18n
2015-10-05 Patrick PlitznerFix child hierarchy for DnaSamples
2015-10-05 Patrick PlitznerFix null selection for existing media
2015-10-02 Cherian Mathew#5282 Integrate remoting in referencing objects view
2015-10-02 jenkinsMerge branch 'hotfix/3.8.1' root/tags/taxeditor/3.8.1 3.8.1
2015-10-02 jenkinsupdating poms for branch'hotfix/3.8.1' with non-snapsho...
2015-10-02 jenkinsRevert project versions to 3.8.1-SNAPSHOT
2015-10-02 jenkinsUpdated version in pom / project files to taxeditor...
2015-10-02 Cherian Mathew#5301 Fix null session issues, Add remoting session...
2015-10-02 Patrick PlitznerAdapt transient services
2015-10-02 Patrick PlitznerAdd i18n files to build
2015-10-02 jenkinsUpdated version in pom / project files to taxeditor...
2015-10-02 jenkinsupdating poms for 3.8.1 branch with snapshot versions
2015-10-02 Cherian MathewChange null session to singleton with no owner
2015-10-02 Cherian MathewUpdate transient services with new merge method
2015-10-02 Cherian MathewAdd remoting checks for merge, Move to merge call which...
2015-10-01 Cherian Mathew#5300 Implement remoting in Alignment Editor
2015-10-01 Patrick PlitznerCorrect derivative hierarchy context menu label
2015-10-01 Cherian Mathew#5299 Handle session caching of new entities
2015-10-01 Cherian Mathew#5256 Add workaround for description reference issue
2015-10-01 U-BGBM\k.lutherminor
2015-10-01 U-BGBM\k.lutherfixing problem of reusing name for creation of taxon
2015-10-01 Patrick PlitznerPre-select country as named area type for country selec...
2015-10-01 Patrick PlitznerTrim code
2015-09-30 Cherian MathewAdd check for remoting to decide whether to merge or...
2015-09-30 Patrick PlitznerFix i18n (#5155)
2015-09-30 U-BGBM\k.lutherMerge branch 'develop' of
2015-09-30 U-BGBM\k.luthermove descriptions in a service call
2015-09-30 Patrick PlitznerAlways search for FieldUnits in DerivativeSearchView