2015-01-29 Katja Luther(no commit message)
2015-01-29 Katja Luther(no commit message)
2015-01-29 Katja Lutherfactual data for bulkeditor, improving referencing...
2015-01-29 Alexander OppermannExtend TransientClassificationService to be compliant...
2015-01-29 Alexander OppermannFix menues, added check if connected to DB
2015-01-28 Patric Plitzner - added TaxonDeletionConfigurator to delete operations
2015-01-28 Patric Plitzner - moved refresh out of for-loop
2015-01-27 Patric Plitzner - updated deep delete icon
2015-01-27 Patric Plitzner - adder swagger annotations to build path
2015-01-27 Patric Plitzner - delete description CDM entity when invoking Delete...
2015-01-27 Patric Plitzner - error handling for report file
2015-01-27 Patric Plitzner - fixed unnecessary double checking
2015-01-27 Patric Plitzner - added double-click functionality for IndividualsAssc...
2015-01-26 Patric Plitzner - added "Move Factual Data" option to navigator contex...
2015-01-26 Patric Plitzner - code cleanup
2015-01-23 Patric Plitzner - updated classpath
2015-01-23 Patric Plitzner - added swagger annotations jar to taxeditor.cdmlib
2015-01-23 Patric Plitzner - added *.* to file chooser
2015-01-23 Patric Plitzner - added file chooser for report file
2015-01-22 Patric Plitzner - added transient service
2015-01-22 Patric Plitzner - added TaxonName to Determinations in DetailsView
2015-01-21 Andreas Mülleradapt services to new findByIdentifer in Editor
2015-01-21 Cherian Mathewcorrected product version string to allow for building...
2015-01-21 Patric Plitzner - added "Delete (with children)" icon
2015-01-21 Patric Plitzner - added sorting to generic configuration wizard page...
2015-01-16 Patric Plitzner - changed label of advanced media view (fixes #4590)
2015-01-16 Patric Plitzner - set page to be complete
2015-01-16 Patric Plitzner - added classification chooser to ABCD import wizard
2015-01-16 Patric Plitzner - extended DeleteHandler to also handle deletion of...
2015-01-16 Patric Plitzner - close Derivate Editor if all elements are deleted
2015-01-14 Patric Plitzner - show context menu only when at least one element...
2015-01-14 Patric Plitzner - changed label of advanced media specimen view (fixes...
2015-01-09 Andreas Mülleradapted menu and view labels for validation framework...
2015-01-09 Andreas Müllermerge validation editor branch to trunk
2015-01-08 Andreas Müllermerge validation editor branch to trunk
2015-01-08 Andreas Müllermerge validation editor branch to trunk
2015-01-08 Andreas Müllermerge validation editor branch to trunk
2015-01-08 Andreas Müllermerge validation editor branch to trunk
2015-01-08 Andreas Müllerfix transient repository issue
2015-01-08 Andreas Müllerupdate Transient services
2015-01-06 Katja Luther#4574
2014-12-16 Patric Plitzner - added option for deep delete (with children) to...
2014-12-16 Patric Plitzner - added context menu option to create a new FieldUnit...
2014-12-15 edit-jenkinsUpdated version in config files to 3.4.1-SNAPSHOT
2014-12-15 edit-jenkinsUpdated version in config files to 3.4.0
2014-12-15 Patric Plitzner - changed order of file extension for excel import...
2014-12-15 Patric Plitzner - commented error logging for ImageInfo loading (...
2014-12-15 Patric Plitzner - set sample designation to null when text is empty
2014-12-15 Patric Plitzner - allow creation of derivates only when editor is...
2014-12-15 Alexander Oppermannadded a new propertytester to check if the editor is...
2014-12-15 Patric Plitzner - set background color of uneditable text field
2014-12-15 Patric Plitzner - adpated to cdmlib changes
2014-12-15 Alexander Oppermanndisable checklist editor initially
2014-12-15 Patric Plitzner - removed unused text field
2014-12-15 Andreas Müllerupgrade poi to 3.10-FINAL and add ooxml functionality
2014-12-12 Alexander Oppermannchnaged description for LanguagePrefrence menu
2014-12-12 Alexander Oppermannfixed ticket #4367
2014-12-12 Alexander OppermannRenamed classes to match the new order in PreferenceMenu
2014-12-12 Alexander OppermannChanged default language to language and changed former...
2014-12-11 Patric Plitzner - use labelCache instead of description for amplificat...
2014-12-11 Patric Plitzner - fixed possible null label
2014-12-11 Patric Plitzner - update label cache
2014-12-11 Patric Plitzner - adapted details views and wizards to cdm changes...
2014-12-11 Katja Luther##3890
2014-12-11 Patric Plitzner - temporarily commented compile errors
2014-12-11 Patric Plitzner - adapted to 3.4.0 cdm changes
2014-12-10 Patric Plitzner - removed unused menu item
2014-12-10 Patric Plitzner - added publish flag to DetailsView for SpecimenOrObse...
2014-12-10 Alexander Oppermannfixed #4523
2014-12-10 Patric Plitzner - added possibility to also add a person as nomenclatu...
2014-12-10 Patric Plitzner - fixed class cast to more generic type
2014-12-10 Cherian MathewFix for ticket #4519
2014-12-10 Patric Plitzner - create an empty media for MediaSpecimen (fixes ...
2014-12-10 Patric Plitzner - refactored access to static method
2014-12-10 Patric Plitzner - added constant Window.OK
2014-12-10 Patric Plitzner - reverted comment
2014-12-09 Alexander Oppermannlast fix for revision number of classpath
2014-12-09 Alexander Oppermanntoo many fixes on classpath for today
2014-12-09 Alexander Oppermannfixed classpath
2014-12-09 Alexander OppermannAdded changes from redlist taxonomic editor branch
2014-12-09 Alexander Oppermannchanges to be compliant with trunk for reintegration
2014-12-09 Alexander Oppermannmerged trunk into branch
2014-12-09 Patric Plitzner - added special case handling for DerivateEditor so...
2014-12-09 Patric Plitzner - fixed possible ClassCastException (#4533)
2014-12-09 Patric Plitzner - added reference to ticket in comments
2014-12-09 Cherian MathewMessagingUtils : added new method for a warning dialog...
2014-12-09 Cherian Mathewremoved throwing of runtime exception since we already...
2014-12-09 Alexander Oppermannfixed ticket #3763
2014-12-09 Alexander Oppermannfixed ticket #1639
2014-12-08 Katja Luther(no commit message)
2014-12-08 Katja Luther(no commit message)
2014-12-08 Alexander OppermannFixed Bug #4531
2014-12-08 Katja Luther(no commit message)
2014-12-08 Katja Luther(no commit message)
2014-12-05 Alexander OppermannAdded a reload function so that the checklist editor...
2014-12-04 Patric Plitzner - reverted to previous version due to compilation...
2014-12-04 Patric Plitzner - added service method to get descriptions which have...
2014-12-04 Patric Plitzner - added delete result as warn message
2014-12-04 Katja Lutherfix drag&drop for synonyms to another accepted taxon
2014-12-04 Patric Plitzner - fixed ClassCastException