2017-12-06 Patrick PlitznerMerge branch 'develop' into wset
2017-12-05 jenkinsUpdated version in pom / project files to taxeditor...
2017-12-05 Katja Lutherapply the filter in selection dialog after selecting...
2017-12-05 Katja Lutherfix NPE for first search
2017-12-04 Katja Lutherthe preselected classification in taxonnodeselection...
2017-12-04 Patrick Plitznerref #7095 Add column sorting to character matrix
2017-12-02 Patrick Plitznerref #7095 add excel export
2017-12-01 Patrick Plitznerfix #7102 Enable EDIT and DELETE for specimen determina...
2017-12-01 Katja Lutherrevert smaller changes in selection dialog
2017-12-01 Andreas MüllerAdapt labels for move facts/data commands
2017-12-01 Andreas Müllerfix #7088 fix NPE when saving Media in bulk editor...
2017-12-01 Patrick Plitznerref #7095, #7086 Persist WS with descriptions
2017-12-01 Patrick Plitznerref #7095 Add display converter to matrix editor
2017-12-01 Patrick Plitznerref #7095 Make matrix editable vie DetailsView
2017-12-01 Patrick Plitznerref #7086 Protect titleCache for new working sets
2017-12-01 Patrick Plitznerref #7095 Add editor capabilities to character matrix...
2017-11-30 Patrick Plitznerref #7086 Fix potential NPEs
2017-11-30 Patrick Plitznerref #7095 Open character matrix with WS as input
2017-11-30 Patrick Plitznerref #7086 Initialize UI elements with WS params
2017-11-30 Patrick Plitznerref #7086 Also set titleCache when creating a working set
2017-11-30 Patrick Plitznerref #6786 Fix creating new tree
2017-11-30 Patrick Plitznerref #7086 Do not open WS editor for null selection
2017-11-30 Patrick Plitznerref #7086 Fix potential ClassCastException
2017-11-30 Patrick Plitznerref #7086 Add default selection listener to feature...
2017-11-30 Patrick Plitznerref #7086 Add lifecycle methods to WS editor
2017-11-30 Patrick Plitznerref #7086 Add feature tree to WS editor
2017-11-30 Patrick Plitznerref #7086 Refactor term combo
2017-11-30 Katja Lutheradapt label in selection diaog
2017-11-30 Katja Luthersmaller changes in export wizards
2017-11-30 Katja Luthersmaller changes in selection dialog, use always the...
2017-11-28 Patrick Plitznerref #7095 Remove version number nattable dependency
2017-11-28 Patrick Plitznerref #7095 Enhance label in matrix editor
2017-11-27 Katja Lutherminor
2017-11-27 Katja Lutherinstitution selection can be filtered now, too
2017-11-27 Katja Lutherfix Multiple Representation Exception in derivate view
2017-11-27 Patrick Plitznerref #7095 Initial import of character matrix
2017-11-27 Katja Lutherfix Multiple Representation Exception in BulkEditor
2017-11-26 Patrick PlitznerImplement character matrix
2017-11-26 Patrick Plitznerref #7086 Set text field to non-editable
2017-11-26 Patrick Plitznerref #7086 Fix merge issues
2017-11-26 Patrick PlitznerMerge branch 'develop' into wset
2017-11-26 Patrick Plitznerref #7086 Add taxon tree to working set editor
2017-11-26 Patrick Plitznerref #7086 Move navigator content/label provider to...
2017-11-26 Patrick Plitznerref #7086 Add term combo viewer to working set editor
2017-11-24 Katja Luthermore generic label for warning label if object is refer...
2017-11-24 Katja Lutherminor
2017-11-24 Katja Luthercatch another widgetIsDisposed error
2017-11-24 Katja Lutheravoid widget is disposed exception
2017-11-24 Katja Lutherref #6932: allow multiselection for deduplication
2017-11-24 Katja LutherMerge branch 'develop' of ssh://
2017-11-24 Katja Lutherfix save for bulkeditor
2017-11-24 Patrick Plitznerref #6763 Catch potential exception
2017-11-24 Patrick Plitznerref #6763 Prompt for save when closing workbench
2017-11-23 Patrick Plitznerref #7090 Add nattable to
2017-11-23 Patrick Plitznerref #7086 Open WS editor via selection dialog
2017-11-23 Katja Lutherfix multiple representation by removing conversation...
2017-11-23 Katja Lutherminor
2017-11-23 Katja Lutherminor
2017-11-23 Katja Lutherminor
2017-11-23 Katja Lutherchanges in distribution editor
2017-11-23 Katja Lutherreset saveCandidate list after save
2017-11-23 Katja Luthersave only dirty elements of the bulkeditor
2017-11-23 Andreas Müllerfix #7088 fix NPE when saving Media in bulk editor
2017-11-23 Patrick Plitznerref #7086 restructure packages
2017-11-23 Patrick PlitznerMerge branch 'develop' into wset
2017-11-23 Patrick Plitznerref #7086 Implement working set editor
2017-11-23 Katja Lutherinternationalize new in factualdata view
2017-11-23 Katja Lutherfix NPE in bulkeditor
2017-11-22 Katja Lutherremove conversation from selectiondialog
2017-11-22 Patrick Plitznerref #6925 Set conversation and cdmEntitySession to...
2017-11-22 Patrick Plitznerref #6925 Dispose conversation and entity session when...
2017-11-22 Katja Lutheravoid widgetIsDisposed exceptions by check of control...
2017-11-21 Patrick Plitznerref #6971 Dispose input session when disposing editor
2017-11-21 Patrick Plitznerref #6971 Fix creation of two sessions for each name...
2017-11-21 Katja Lutherremove SelectionViewMenu because it is not used anymore
2017-11-21 Katja Luthere4 migration of selection dialogs
2017-11-21 Katja Lutheravoid widget is disposed exception in details view
2017-11-17 Katja Lutheradd menu to namedAreaSelection dialog (need to be migrated)
2017-11-17 Katja Luthercode cleaning
2017-11-17 Katja Lutherrevert changes in selection dialogs for enums
2017-11-17 Katja Lutherselection dialogs does not use CdmFilteredItemsSelectio...
2017-11-17 Katja Lutherref #6159: smaller changes in distribution editor
2017-11-16 Andreas MüllerFix NPE in classification label provider
2017-11-16 Patrick Plitznerref #7076 Add org.eclipse.swt to taxeditor.cdmlib
2017-11-15 Patrick Plitznerref #7076 Add Nebula CompositeTable as direct dependency
2017-11-15 Katja Lutheruse uuidAndTitlecache method with languge parameter...
2017-11-15 Katja Lutheruse mediaUtils for getting the best matching media...
2017-11-14 Katja Lutherremove nebula.tablecombo from
2017-11-14 Katja Lutherafter select/deselect vocabulary do a new search
2017-11-14 Katja Lutherimplement areaSelectionDialog like the other selection...
2017-11-14 Katja Lutherminor
2017-11-14 Katja Luthermerge hotfix4.11.1 into develop
2017-11-13 Katja Lutherminor
2017-11-13 Andreas Müllerref #6595 fix never ending details view rendering
2017-11-13 Katja Lutherminor
2017-11-13 Katja Luthercherry pick
2017-11-13 Andreas Müllerminor i18n
2017-11-13 Katja Luthercherry-pick
2017-11-13 Andreas Müllercleanup
2017-11-13 Katja Luthercherry-pick