2015-11-17 Patrick PlitznerStreamline search method due to cdmlib service changes
2015-11-17 Patrick PlitznerAdd missing pluging dependency to feature.xml
2015-11-17 Patrick PlitznerAdapt transient service to cdmlib changes
2015-11-16 Patrick PlitznerRemove unused classpath entry
2015-11-16 Patrick PlitznerMerge branch 'develop' of ssh://
2015-11-16 Patrick PlitznerAdd toggle for "link with taxon selection" to context...
2015-11-16 Cherian MathewFix test environment for webapp test
2015-11-16 Cherian MathewIgnore cdmlib war file
2015-11-16 Cherian Mathew#4073 Add new project for lanuching embedded jetty...
2015-11-16 Katja LutherMerge branch 'develop' of
2015-11-16 Katja Lutherminor
2015-11-16 Cherian MathewUpdate eclipse compile / runtime to JavaSE-1.7
2015-11-16 Katja Lutherfixing #4808
2015-11-16 Katja LutherMerge branch 'develop' of
2015-11-16 Katja Lutherfix move whole description to another description and...
2015-11-16 Patrick PlitznerMove "link with taxon selection" action to main toolbar
2015-11-16 Patrick PlitznerRemove report configuration from ABCD import wizard
2015-11-16 Patrick PlitznerShow report text dialog after finishing import
2015-11-11 Patrick PlitznerConvert DerivateView to an EditorPart root/branches/taxeditor/unify_derivative_views
2015-11-11 Patrick PlitznerFix association creation
2015-11-11 Patrick PlitznerRemove unused class
2015-11-11 Patrick PlitznerMerge branch 'develop' into unify_derivative_views
2015-11-10 Patrick PlitznerAdd flag for displaying choose action in name details...
2015-11-10 Patrick PlitznerFix possible NPE #4850 attic/branches/taxeditor/develop/26405
2015-11-10 Patrick PlitznerFix link to default handler #5155
2015-11-10 Katja Lutherminor
2015-11-10 Patrick PlitznerAdapt to service changes #5200
2015-11-10 Katja Lutherfixing #5319
2015-11-10 Katja Lutherfixing #5319
2015-11-10 Katja Lutherfixing #5115
2015-11-05 Katja Lutherfixing #5341
2015-11-05 Katja Lutherfixing #5341 and colouring for cache relevant fields...
2015-11-03 Patrick PlitznerFix type designation filter for derivative search
2015-11-03 Patrick PlitznerFix label type info
2015-11-03 Patrick PlitznerAdd type infop to derived unit label
2015-11-02 Patrick PlitznerDo not expand type designation section automatically
2015-11-02 Patrick PlitznerRemove types from taxon associations detail element
2015-11-02 Patrick PlitznerInitialize TypeDesignationSection
2015-11-02 Patrick PlitznerInherit from abstract type designation element
2015-11-02 Patrick PlitznerRemove extra remoting code
2015-11-02 Patrick PlitznerHide SearchBar when linking to taxon editor
2015-11-02 Patrick PlitznerFix some labels and handle toggle states
2015-11-02 Patrick PlitznerFix exception when using DerivativeEditor when no ...
2015-11-02 Patrick PlitznerMerge branch 'develop' into unify_derivative_views
2015-11-02 Patrick PlitznerAdd type designation collection elemetn to derived...
2015-11-02 Katja Lutherminor
2015-11-02 Katja Luther#5325
2015-10-30 Cherian Mathew#5297 Implement client side remoting progress monitor...
2015-10-29 Cherian MathewFix test by catching expected exception
2015-10-29 Cherian MathewAdd logs
2015-10-29 Cherian Mathew#5297 Implement monitor feedback, Add corresponding...
2015-10-29 Patrick PlitznerPre-select classification for remote moving operations
2015-10-29 Patrick PlitznerFix possible NPE and widget disposed exception
2015-10-29 Patrick PlitznerRemove identifier and taxon associations from bulk...
2015-10-29 Patrick PlitznerShow taxon associations only when they exist
2015-10-29 Patrick PlitznerHandle image loading
2015-10-29 Patrick PlitznerAdd image preview to media simple view
2015-10-29 Patrick PlitznerTrim code
2015-10-29 Cherian Mathew#5366 Add preference for disabling services api timesta...
2015-10-28 Patrick PlitznerFixed persistency of Matching preferences #5337
2015-10-28 Patrick PlitznerConvert MobotOpenUrlPreferences and BulkEditorPreferenc...
2015-10-28 Cherian Mathew#5297 Integrate remoting monitor cancel functionality...
2015-10-28 Katja Lutherminor
2015-10-28 Katja Lutherlast changes for #5325
2015-10-27 Cherian Mathew#5297 Add remoting progress monitoring
2015-10-27 Patrick PlitznerMerge branch 'develop' into unify_derivative_views
2015-10-27 Patrick PlitznerAllow null as parent when moving derivatives
2015-10-27 Patrick PlitznerRemoved "New Specimen" option from main menu
2015-10-27 Patrick PlitznerRemoved option and preferences for directly opening...
2015-10-27 Patrick PlitznerRemove double-click support for opening specimen from...
2015-10-27 Patrick PlitznerAdd support for generic SpecimenOrObservationBase class to
2015-10-27 Patrick PlitznerFix and refactor addImageGallerHandler
2015-10-27 Patrick PlitznerMerge branch 'develop' into unify_derivative_views
2015-10-27 Patrick PlitznerImplement handler for creating (non-)taxon associated...
2015-10-27 Patrick PlitznerAdd dynamic context menu entry for FieldUnit creation
2015-10-26 Patrick PlitznerUpdate taxon name in taxon selection element
2015-10-26 Patrick PlitznerFix taxon assignment filter
2015-10-26 Cherian MathewAdd check to make sure active session is not null
2015-10-26 Cherian Mathew#5357 Add check to avoid transient object exception
2015-10-26 Cherian Mathew#5349 Add getEditGeoService method
2015-10-26 Patrick PlitznerRemoved OccurrenceView
2015-10-26 Patrick PlitznerFix session problems with remoting
2015-10-26 Cherian Mathew#5350 : Use newly added getTaxonNodeUuidAndTitleCacheOf...
2015-10-26 Patrick PlitznerAdd toggle button for link with editor
2015-10-26 Patrick PlitznerMerge branch 'develop' into unify_derivative_views
2015-10-26 Patrick PlitznerListen to selection changes in DerivateEditor
2015-10-26 Patrick PlitznerListen to selection changes in DerivativeEditor
2015-10-26 Katja Luther#3771
2015-10-26 Patrick PlitznerAdd conversation/session support to OccurenceView
2015-10-22 Katja Lutherfix #5342
2015-10-21 Cherian Mathew#5256 Set entity container in Bulk Editor to dirty...
2015-10-21 Cherian Mathew#5256 Add missing recursive load for MergeResult lists...
2015-10-21 Patrick PlitznerEnable remote session support
2015-10-21 Katja LutherMerge branch 'develop' of
2015-10-21 Katja Lutherfix test for TaxonNavigator: all nodes need a taxon...
2015-10-21 Patrick PlitznerEnhance search bar layout
2015-10-21 Patrick PlitznerImplement taxon assignment filter and refactor Derivati...
2015-10-20 Patrick PlitznerDisable term menu when disconnected (#4901)
2015-10-20 Patrick PlitznerMerge branch 'develop' into unify_derivative_views
2015-10-19 Cherian Mathew#5301 Add merge call for saving new feature tree