2015-12-21 jenkinsMerge branch 'release/3.12.0' root/tags/taxeditor/3.12.0 3.12.0
2015-12-18 jenkinsUpdated version in pom / project files to taxeditor...
2015-12-18 Andreas MüllerAdapt editor to cdmlib API changes
2015-12-17 Katja Lutheradd production server to server info
2015-12-14 Patrick PlitznerRevert changes for JRE feature
2015-12-14 Patrick PlitznerDisable root file for Linux64
2015-12-14 Patrick PlitznerFix feature name
2015-12-14 Patrick PlitznerSet environment parameters for JRE feature inclusion
2015-12-14 Patrick PlitznerInclude JRE feature
2015-12-10 Patrick PlitznerRemove jre linux64 feature from feature
2015-12-10 Patrick PlitznerEnable root folders
2015-12-10 Patrick PlitznerAdd target folder to .gitignore
2015-12-10 Patrick Plitzneradd test file
2015-12-10 Patrick PlitznerAdd linux64 feature to editor feature
2015-12-10 Patrick PlitznerFix version number
2015-12-10 Patrick PlitznerDisabled root files for JRE bundling
2015-12-10 Patrick Plitzneradd jre linux64 feature to parent pom
2015-12-10 Patrick PlitznerInitial import of linux64 JRE feature
2015-12-10 Patrick PlitznerRe-add
2015-12-10 Patrick PlitznerRemove JRE feature
2015-12-10 Katja LutherMerge branch 'develop' of
2015-12-10 Katja Lutheradd deleted seperator to get back the menu item TaxonNa...
2015-12-10 Patrick PlitznerRevert changes done for JRE feature
2015-12-09 Patrick PlitznerFix parent pom version number
2015-12-09 Patrick PlitznerAdd pom.xml to new jre feature
2015-12-09 Patrick PlitznerAdd new project to parent pom
2015-12-09 Patrick PlitznerSet qualifier to jre feature
2015-12-09 Patrick PlitznerSet version number of jre feature
2015-12-09 Patrick PlitznerBundle JRE in new feature
2015-12-09 Patrick PlitznerInitial import of jre feature
2015-12-09 Katja Lutherfix #4940
2015-12-09 Katja LutherMerge branch 'develop' of
2015-12-09 Katja Lutherfix #5221
2015-12-09 Patrick PlitznerAdd scope restrictions to PolytomousKey details view...
2015-12-09 Patrick PlitznerGeneralize term service method listByTermType()
2015-12-08 Patrick PlitznerRemove colon from EntitySelectionElement label #5265
2015-12-08 Patrick PlitznerSet all meta data to null/zero when uri is not resolvab...
2015-12-08 Patrick PlitznerAdd status bar info for hierarchies found
2015-12-07 Patrick PlitznerSet image meta data in simple media view
2015-12-07 Patrick PlitznerMove getService to CdmStore
2015-12-07 Patrick PlitznerAdd type specimen icon
2015-12-07 Patrick PlitznerRefactored image loading
2015-12-07 Patrick PlitznerAdd type specimen icon to derivate editor
2015-12-07 Patrick PlitznerFix possible NPE
2015-12-07 Patrick PlitznerMerge branch 'develop' of ssh://
2015-12-07 Patrick PlitznerAvoid persisting data when hitting cancel in EditFromSe...
2015-12-07 Patrick PlitznerRemove AuthorHelper which used to automatically convert...
2015-12-03 Cherian MathewFix product version for jre product definition
2015-12-03 Katja Lutherfix not ordered terms #4821
2015-12-03 Katja Lutherfix #4821
2015-12-02 Patrick PlitznerRemove unused entity cloning
2015-12-02 Patrick PlitznerFix session problem when creating field unit for a...
2015-12-02 Patrick PlitznerRefactoring type designation gathering according to...
2015-12-02 Patrick PlitznerTweak performance for typeDesignation cache in label...
2015-12-02 Patrick PlitznerFix refresh problem when creating a FieldUnit with...
2015-12-02 Patrick PlitznerFix possible NPE
2015-12-02 Patrick PlitznerRemove/Refactor System.out statements
2015-12-02 Patrick PlitznerSet format for DerivateLabelProvider
2015-12-02 Patrick PlitznerRefresh only label of the element that has changed
2015-12-02 Patrick PlitznerUse formatter framework in DerivateLabelProvider
2015-12-01 Cherian Mathew#5420 Add check to dispose input if duplicate editor...
2015-12-01 Cherian Mathew#5277 Correct session intialisation and default feature...
2015-11-30 Patrick PlitznerFix incorrect merge
2015-11-30 Patrick PlitznerRemoved unused list
2015-11-30 Patrick PlitznerMerge branch 'develop' of ssh://
2015-11-30 Patrick Plitznerlist specimen-taxon associations separately in specimen...
2015-11-30 Patrick PlitznerAdd missing transient services
2015-11-27 Cherian Mathew#5207 Add validation of credentials on target server...
2015-11-26 Cherian MathewCleanup code
2015-11-26 Cherian MathewAdds async refresh of server
2015-11-26 Cherian Mathew#5209 Beautify error messages related to connection...
2015-11-25 Cherian Mathew#5250 Refactor code for improving derivate search perfo...
2015-11-25 Cherian MathewImplement new load method for uuid lists
2015-11-24 Cherian MathewRevert update handler to earlier version
2015-11-24 Katja LutherMerge branch 'develop' of
2015-11-24 Katja Lutheradd delete configurator dialog for taxa and names bulke...
2015-11-24 Cherian MathewMove to simpler update process
2015-11-24 Cherian MathewAdd repo URIs to update operation
2015-11-24 Katja Lutherchange message if convert person 2 team is not possible...
2015-11-24 Katja Lutherfix #4878
2015-11-24 Katja LutherMerge branch 'develop' of
2015-11-23 Cherian MathewRemove eclipse env check
2015-11-23 Cherian MathewSimplify update process
2015-11-23 Cherian MathewCleanup
2015-11-23 Cherian MathewCorrect update operation initialisation
2015-11-23 Cherian Mathew#5282 Use null session in referencing objects view
2015-11-23 Cherian Mathew#5160 Use new merge methods with uuids as parameters
2015-11-23 Cherian MathewAdd info dialog when no updates available
2015-11-23 Cherian MathewMove update checks from P2Util to UpdateHandler
2015-11-23 Cherian MathewGenerate metadata service without the authentication...
2015-11-23 Cherian MathewRevert cached services map to be local to configuration...
2015-11-20 Cherian Mathew#5000 Fix typo error
2015-11-20 Cherian Mathew#5000 Use new metadata service
2015-11-19 Katja LutherMerge branch 'develop' of
2015-11-19 Katja Lutherfix #4878
2015-11-17 Patrick PlitznerAdd determination info to DerivateLabelProvider
2015-11-17 Patrick PlitznerAdd missing transient service method
2015-11-17 Patrick PlitznerSimplify selectionChanged method
2015-11-17 Patrick PlitznerAdd icon to DerivateView context menu
2015-11-17 Patrick PlitznerStreamline search method due to cdmlib service changes