Generalizing DetailElement for IdentifiableEntities
[taxeditor.git] / pom.xml
2011-05-24 n.hoffmannbumped cdmlib version to 3.0.5
2011-04-26 n.hoffmannchanged maven-site-plugin version to work with maven2...
2011-04-19 n.hoffmannchanged cdmlib version to 3.0.4_SNAPSHOT
2011-03-18 n.hoffmannChanging pom.xml
2011-03-16 n.hoffmann(no commit message)
2011-03-16 n.hoffmannhad to rename the packages to make them compliant with...
2011-03-16 n.hoffmannAutomatic building
2010-11-15 n.hoffmannadded some site content
2010-11-11 n.hoffmannperformed javacscript:fix and worked on documentation
2010-11-09 n.hoffmannpom now contains sane data
2010-09-09 n.hoffmannAdding printpublsiher plugin to parent pom
2009-11-02 n.hoffmannupdated parent pom
2009-06-25 p.ciardelliAdded "taxeditor-bulkeditor"
2009-06-02 n.hoffmannadding pom