dependency changes to move to e4
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2015-05-20 Cherian Mathewdependency changes to move to e4 attic/shelves/taxeditor/c.mathew/23872
2013-10-08 Patric Plitznermerge-update from trunk
2013-10-08 Patric Plitzner - fixed org.hamcrest dependency error which occurs...
2012-07-11 Andreas Kohlbeckermerging in latest changes from trunk
2011-10-06 n.hoffmannReorganized the test classes
2011-04-11 n.hoffmannCreated tests for the "New" menu
2011-04-04 n.hoffmannLog4j now properly configured
2011-04-01 n.hoffmannAdding a test case for creation of a classification
2011-04-01 n.hoffmann(no commit message)