removed throwing of runtime exception since we already have a warning (#4365)
[taxeditor.git] / eu.etaxonomy.taxeditor.navigation / src /
2014-12-09 Alexander Oppermannfixed ticket #1639
2014-12-03 Patric Plitzner - added command, handler, double click listener to...
2014-10-28 Katja Lutherfix #4450
2014-09-17 Patric Plitznermerge-update from trunk
2014-09-16 Katja Luther(no commit message)
2014-09-16 Patric Plitzner - removed unused variable
2014-08-19 Patric Plitznermerge-update from trunk
2014-08-18 Patric Plitzner - fixed possible IllegalStateException (#4351)
2014-08-18 Patric Plitzner - added null check (fixes #4351)
2014-08-14 Cherian MathewMoved all logging and dialog functionality to the new...
2014-08-13 Alexander Oppermannreintegrated redlist branch into trunk
2014-08-11 Patric Plitznermerge-update from trunk
2014-08-07 Cherian MathewCommenting out single click opening of name editor...
2014-08-05 Patric Plitznermerge-update from trunk
2014-08-04 Andreas MüllerLockMode issues in transient services
2014-08-04 Patric Plitznermerge-update from trunk
2014-07-30 Katja Lutheradaption for error handling of delete methods
2014-07-01 Patric Plitznermerge-update from trunk
2014-06-24 Katja Lutheropen Taxonpage with single click in taxonnavigator
2014-06-19 Katja Lutherminor
2014-06-19 Katja Luther- not running imports and exports deleted from menu
2014-05-05 Katja Lutheradding a taxon bulk editor and changes because the...
2014-03-20 Katja Luther#4114 sort order in taxon navigator
2014-03-18 Katja Lutherwhile fixing a bug, revert the setting of the comparator.
2014-03-17 Andreas Kohlbeckeravoiding problems which where due to a fix for ticket...
2014-03-17 Katja Lutherwith the fixed compareTo method the TaxonNodeComparator...
2014-03-17 Patric Plitzner - removed StoreUtil.getCdmEntity() invocation (#4091)
2014-03-14 Andreas KohlbeckerRevert "#4114 sort order in taxon navigator " to avoid...
2014-03-13 Katja Luther#4114 sort order in taxon navigator
2014-03-13 Andreas Kohlbeckeravoiding NPE
2014-03-06 Andreas Kohlbeckerdnd support in taxon navigator for Taxonnodes protected...
2014-03-05 Andreas Kohlbeckeravoiding NPE and other exceptions
2014-03-05 Patric Plitzner - added util method to get for getting a CDM entity...
2014-02-19 Andreas Kohlbeckerbase implementation and configuration for securing...
2014-02-12 Cherian Mathewrefactoring CdmApplicationConfiguration/Controller...
2014-02-12 Cherian Mathewmerge from trunk
2014-02-11 Cherian Mathewmerge from trunk
2014-02-06 Katja Lutheradding the operation and handler files
2014-02-06 Katja Luthermove the change accepted to Synonym Operation to taxon...
2014-01-22 Patric Plitznermerged campanula branch to trunk. Main features are...
2014-01-20 Patric Plitznermerge-update from trunk
2014-01-14 Patric Plitznermerge-update from trunk
2014-01-08 Patric Plitznermerge-update from trunk
2013-12-18 Patric Plitznermerge-update from trunk
2013-12-09 Patric Plitznermerge-update from trunk
2013-12-04 Patric Plitzner - adapted sub classes of AbstractPostOperation
2013-12-03 Patric Plitzner - extracted super class from AbstractPostOperation...
2013-12-02 Patric Plitznermerge-update from trunk\nadded throws to delete methods...
2013-12-02 Patric Plitznermerge-update from trunk
2013-12-02 Katja Lutherdelete whole classification with children
2013-11-28 Katja Lutherminor
2013-11-18 Patric Plitznermerge-update of trunk and disabling GUI-Control separation
2013-11-15 Andreas Müllermaybe deproxy solves #3889
2013-11-08 Cherian Mathewadded conversationholder.commit fix to AbstractFiltered...
2013-11-08 Katja Lutherimprove delete of classifications
2013-11-06 Katja Lutherfix delete of classifications
2013-11-05 Katja Luthersmaller fixes
2013-10-30 Andreas Müllerunknown
2013-10-23 Andreas Müllerfix delete problem for open MultiPageEditors
2013-10-23 Andreas Müllerminor
2013-10-23 Cherian Mathewadding conversation.commit for refreshing list in Polyt...
2013-10-23 Cherian Mathewexecuting commit of current session in the conversation...
2013-10-23 Katja Luther(no commit message)
2013-09-25 Cherian Mathewreintegrated model changes from branch 3.3-MC-SNAPSHOT
2013-09-25 Patric Plitznermerged trunk into branch
2013-09-25 Patric Plitznermerged model adaptions to cdmlib 3.2.4 from campanula...
2013-09-24 Patric Plitznermerge-update from trunk
2013-09-03 Patric Plitznermerge-update from trunk
2013-08-29 Patric Plitznermerge-update from trunk
2013-08-20 Patric Plitznermerged/implemented cdm3.3 model adaptations
2013-08-12 Patric Plitznermerged trunk into branch
2013-08-12 Patric Plitznermerged trunk into branch
2013-07-22 Patric Plitznerreintegrated campanula branch: removed enum DetailType...
2013-07-19 Patric Plitznermerge-update from trunk
2013-07-19 Patric Plitznermerge-update from trunk
2013-07-11 Patric Plitznermerge-update from trunk
2013-07-10 Cherian Mathewupdates for 3.3 model changes. Phase two commit, which...
2013-07-01 Cherian Mathewmerging from snapshot branch
2013-06-18 Cherian Mathewadded h2mig back to snapshot
2013-06-17 Cherian Mathewmerging jar updates from trunk
2013-06-07 Patric Plitznermerge from trunk
2013-06-07 Patric Plitzner - simplified code for opening editor in TaxonNavigator
2013-05-03 Cherian Mathewmerging branch for release
2013-04-30 Cherian Mathewadded comparator for polytomous key list
2013-04-11 Cherian Mathewreintegrating into trunk from 3.1.4-SNAPSHOT branch
2013-04-11 Cherian Mathewmerging from trunk
2013-04-09 Cherian MathewTaxonNavigatorDragAdapterAssistant : Drag assistant...
2013-03-08 Cherian MathewSearchResultLabelProvider : display new orphaned-taxa...
2013-01-17 Cherian MathewPolytomousKeyViewPart : added new method to get all...
2012-11-06 Cherian Mathewmerge of security branch with trunk
2012-11-05 Cherian Mathewcompleting merge from trunk for latest taxed developments security root/branches/taxeditor/security
2012-10-04 Cherian Mathewremoved unused imports
2012-09-26 Cherian Mathew - Renamed EditHandler to EditPolytomousKeyNodesHandler
2012-09-12 Andreas Kohlbeckerfixing #3101 (refresh tree navigator after switching...
2012-09-12 Andreas Kohlbeckermerging in latest changes from trunk
2012-09-12 Andreas Kohlbeckerfirst bits for #3097 (disable editors if a user has...
2012-09-11 Andreas Kohlbeckerfixing #3096 (visual response if a user is not granted...
2012-07-23 Andreas Müllerintegrate trunk to branch (Taxeditor) 3.0.12-SNAPSHOT root/branches/taxeditor/3.0.12-SNAPSHOT
2012-07-20 Andreas Kohlbeckerreintergating r15647 from /branches/taxeditor/security...
2012-07-20 Andreas Kohlbeckerchanging renamed ITaxaServiceConfigurator to new name...