deleting files not supposed to be in version control
[taxeditor.git] / taxeditor-feature-dependencies /
2009-11-02 n.hoffmannupdating poms to new cdmlib version
2009-10-19 n.hoffmannmigrated to library version 2.3 and fixed #998
2009-09-28 n.hoffmannaddded linux support
2009-09-04 n.hoffmanndeleted javax.servlet from dependecies. Don't know...
2009-09-04 p.ciardelli.
2009-08-12 n.hoffmannimproved versioning of plugins and features
2009-08-07 n.hoffmanneditor version 2.0.0.v20090805-1724
2009-07-09 p.ciardelliCheck in before vacation.
2009-06-24 p.ciardelliUpdates after last feature creation.
2009-06-02 n.hoffmanneditor now updatable via updateSite
2009-06-02 n.hoffmannMoving editor sources back into trunk