improved versioning of plugins and features
[taxeditor.git] / taxeditor-editor / META-INF / MANIFEST.MF
2009-08-12 n.hoffmannimproved versioning of plugins and features
2009-08-07 n.hoffmanneditor version 2.0.0.v20090805-1724
2009-07-09 p.ciardelliCheck in before vacation.
2009-07-01 p.ciardelliCommit before experimenting w description elements.
2009-06-24 n.hoffmannadded berlin model export wizard. added a wizard to...
2009-06-24 p.ciardelliManifests updated after last feature creation.
2009-06-10 p.ciardelliFixed #528 - Dropping ConceptComposite onto other group...
2009-06-10 n.hoffmann.
2009-06-10 p.ciardelliRe-implemented taxonomic tree using Common Navigator...
2009-06-03 n.hoffmannEnabled keyboard navigation in editor pages and uploade...
2009-06-02 n.hoffmanneditor now updatable via updateSite
2009-06-02 n.hoffmann(no commit message)
2009-06-02 n.hoffmannMoving editor sources back into trunk