Adapting to cdmlib version from security branch
[taxeditor.git] / eu.etaxonomy.taxeditor.application /
2011-09-07 n.hoffmannAdded a missing dependency
2011-08-31 n.hoffmannremoved obsolete jars and adapted classpaths
2011-08-31 n.hoffmannadding classpath and project file
2011-08-11 n.hoffmannPom changes to enable fully automated tycho build and...
2011-07-14 n.hoffmannBuckminster is dead, long live Tycho. The complete...
2011-05-26 n.hoffmannat last
2011-05-26 n.hoffmannFixes a problem with icon paths
2011-04-11 n.hoffmann(no commit message)
2011-04-01 n.hoffmannRemoving taxonomic code selection when editor starts...
2011-03-18 n.hoffmannChanged artifact ids.
2011-03-16 n.hoffmannautomatic
2011-03-16 n.hoffmannhad to rename the packages to make them compliant with...