Merge branch 'hotfix/4.8.2' into develop
[taxeditor.git] / eu.etaxonomy.taxeditor.molecular / .project
2017-02-07 Andreas KohlbeckerRevert "removing all .classpath and .project files"
2017-02-07 Andreas KohlbeckerRevert "Add .project files"
2017-02-07 Patrick PlitznerAdd .project files
2017-02-06 Andreas Kohlbeckerremoving all .classpath and .project files
2015-09-11 jenkinsMerge branch 'release/3.8.0' root/tags/taxeditor/3.8.0 3.8.0
2015-09-01 Cherian MathewMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin' into remoting-4.0
2015-08-24 Cherian MathewMerge branch 'develop' into remoting-4.0
2015-08-18 U-BGBM\k.lutherMerge branch 'develop' of ssh://
2015-08-17 Patrick PlitznerAdded missing molecular plugin projects
2015-08-13 Katja Lutherfix delete polytomouskeynode and improve merge in bulk...
2015-07-21 Patrick PlitznerMerge branch 'LibrAlign' into develop
2015-07-20 Patric Plitznermerge-update from trunk
2015-07-20 Patric Plitznermerge-update from trunk
2015-07-15 Patric Plitzner - fixed dependencies
2015-07-14 Patric PlitznerInitial import of plugin files