- added cdmlib source code to classpath
[taxeditor.git] / eu.etaxonomy.taxeditor.cdmlib / .classpath
2013-10-16 Patric Plitzner - added cdmlib source code to classpath
2013-10-16 Patric Plitzner - removed source code attachment for personal folder
2013-10-14 Andreas Kohlbeckerupdating to latest eclipse rcp indigo jars
2013-09-25 Cherian Mathewadapting to latest model changes for change of package
2013-09-25 Cherian Mathewreintegrated model changes from branch 3.3-MC-SNAPSHOT
2013-09-25 Patric Plitznermerged trunk into branch
2013-08-12 Patric Plitznermerged trunk into branch
2013-07-22 Patric Plitznerreintegrated campanula branch: removed enum DetailType...
2013-07-22 Patric Plitznermerge-update from trunk
2013-07-19 Patric Plitznermerge-update from trunk
2013-07-19 Patric Plitznermerge-update from trunk
2013-07-19 Patric Plitzneradded merge-info to sub folder my merging with sub...
2013-07-11 Patric Plitznerupdated classpath to 3.2.3 version
2013-07-11 Patric Plitznermerge-update from trunk
2013-07-11 Patric Plitznermerge-update from trunk
2013-07-10 Cherian MathewAligning Editor with 3.3 model changes. First phase...
2013-07-01 Cherian Mathewmerging from snapshot branch
2013-06-18 Cherian Mathewadded h2mig back to snapshot
2013-06-18 Cherian Mathewadded h2mig jar to trunk
2013-06-17 Cherian Mathewmerging jar updates from trunk
2013-06-17 Cherian Mathewadding updated manifest and remaining jars
2013-06-07 Patric Plitznermerge from trunk
2013-05-29 Patric Plitzner - added sources to cdmlib libraries
2013-05-03 Cherian Mathewadded h2 mig jar to classpath, build, manifest files
2013-05-03 Cherian Mathewmerging branch for release
2013-04-30 Cherian Mathewremoved unused persistence tests jar from classpath 3.2.0-SNAPSHOT root/branches/taxeditor/3.2.0-SNAPSHOT
2013-04-30 Cherian Mathewadded all cdmlib dependencies
2013-04-17 Cherian Mathewmerging from branch 3.2.0-SNAPSHOT
2013-04-17 Cherian Mathewmerging from trunk
2013-04-17 Cherian Mathewupdated dependent jars in build path for mvn
2013-04-17 Cherian Mathewupdating classpath entries for new cdmlib dependency...
2013-04-11 Cherian Mathewmerged from trunk
2013-04-11 Cherian Mathewadded composite table dependency and classpath updates...
2013-04-11 Cherian Mathewreintegrating into trunk from 3.1.4-SNAPSHOT branch
2013-04-11 Cherian Mathewmerging from trunk
2013-03-08 Cherian MathewSearchResultLabelProvider : display new orphaned-taxa...
2013-03-05 Andreas Müllersome more TaxEditor dependencies
2012-12-03 Cherian Mathewupdates for release 3.1.2
2012-11-26 Cherian MathewMoving trunk from 3.2-SNAPSHOT to 3.1.2-SNAPSHOT to...
2012-11-15 Cherian Mathewupdated classpath file to add sourcepaths for cdmlib...
2012-11-07 Cherian Mathewbumping up trunk version to 3.2 SNAPSHOT
2012-11-06 Cherian Mathewmerge of security branch with trunk
2012-11-05 Cherian Mathewmerge of trunk to the security branch
2012-10-24 Cherian Mathewfinal commits for move of trunk to 3.0.14-SNAPSHOT
2012-10-24 Cherian Mathewcommits for preparing 3.0.13 release
2012-10-24 Andreas Kohlbeckerswitching to cdmlib 3.0.14-SNAPSHOT
2012-10-24 Andreas Kohlbeckeradding missing dependency and switching to cdmlib 3...
2012-09-13 Andreas Kohlbeckersolved #2990 (implement missing parts of Groups admin...
2012-09-13 Andreas KohlbeckerGrantedAuthoritySelectionDialog implemented for #2990...
2012-09-12 Andreas Kohlbeckerfixing #3101 (refresh tree navigator after switching...
2012-09-12 Andreas Kohlbeckermerging in latest changes from trunk
2012-09-12 Andreas Kohlbeckerfirst bits for #3097 (disable editors if a user has...
2012-09-11 Andreas Kohlbeckerfixing #3096 (visual response if a user is not granted...
2012-09-11 Alexander OppermannExportManager.java: surrounded statement with try-catch...
2012-09-10 Andreas Kohlbeckermerging in latest changes from trunk, up to r15854...
2012-07-31 Andreas Müllerupdate postgresql dependency to version 9.1 in TaxEditor
2012-07-23 Andreas Müllerinclude new classpath to 3.0.13-SNAPSHOT cdmlib
2012-07-23 Andreas Müllerintegerate 3.0.12 branch and prepare 3.0.12 release
2012-07-23 Andreas Müllerintegrate 3.0.12 branch and adapt for 3.0.12 release
2012-07-23 Andreas Müllerintegrate trunk to branch (Taxeditor) 3.0.12-SNAPSHOT root/branches/taxeditor/3.0.12-SNAPSHOT
2012-07-20 Andreas Kohlbeckerreintergating r15647 from /branches/taxeditor/security...
2012-07-20 Andreas Kohlbeckerchanging renamed ITaxaServiceConfigurator to new name...
2012-07-11 Andreas Kohlbeckermerging in latest changes from trunk
2012-06-27 Andreas Müllerresolve classpath
2012-06-27 Andreas MüllerTaxEditor release 3.0.11
2012-06-26 Andreas Müllermerge trunk to branch
2012-06-26 Andreas Kohlbeckerreintegrating ^/branches/taxeditor/Kew_Palm_Use_Extension
2012-06-26 Andreas KohlbeckerMerging r14494 through r15285 into /home/andreas/worksp... Kew_Palm_Use_Extension root/branches/taxeditor/Kew_Palm_Use_Extension
2012-06-22 a.theysAT:Committing changes post merge
2012-06-19 Andreas Müllerbugfix for CCE in TermEditor, #2924
2012-06-19 Andreas Müllermerge trunk to branch
2012-06-19 Andreas Mülleradd spring xml 156 to build path
2012-06-19 Andreas Müllercommint changes for Editor branche
2012-06-19 Andreas Mülleradded spring-ws to build path to fix #2921
2012-05-30 Andreas Müllerupdate to 3.0.11-SNAPSHOT
2012-05-25 Andreas Mülleradd cdmlib 3.0.11-SNAPSHOT to MANIFEST
2012-05-25 Andreas MüllerChange to cdmlib-3.0.10
2012-05-25 Andreas MüllerReintegrate merge dev.e-taxonomy.eu/svn/branches/taxedi...
2012-05-25 Andreas Müllermerge branch to trunk preparation 3.0.10-SNAPSHOT root/branches/taxeditor/3.0.10-SNAPSHOT
2012-03-14 n.hoffmannMerging latest changes from dev branch
2012-03-08 a.theysAT: Comminting bug fixing for TaxEditor, fixing the...
2012-03-06 a.theysAT: commiting latest changes to the Palm Use data exten...
2012-03-01 a.theysAT: commiting latest changes to the Palm Use data exten...
2012-02-16 Andreas Kohlbeckerexperimental implementation of ConceptGraphContentProvider
2012-02-07 n.hoffmannBumped trunk to version 3.0.10-SNAPSHOT
2012-02-07 n.hoffmannPreparing 3.0.9 release version
2012-02-02 a.theysAT: commiting recent merge from trunk
2012-01-30 n.hoffmannmerged current development status into trunk
2012-01-30 n.hoffmannRefactoring of selection elements. Additional minor...
2012-01-25 a.theys(no commit message)
2012-01-23 a.theysAT: commiting latest changes to the Palm Use data extension
2012-01-18 a.theysAT: Comminting updates to comply to TaxEditor CDMStore...
2012-01-17 a.theysAT: committing Trunk fix to missing dependency
2012-01-17 a.theysAT: commiting Palm Use Data extension
2012-01-16 l.morrisCommitting changes to definedtermeditor after merge...
2011-12-07 n.hoffmannadded latest poi to dependencies
2011-10-19 n.hoffmannAdded some import changes
2011-10-12 n.hoffmannBumping version to 3.0.9
2011-10-10 n.hoffmann(no commit message)
2011-10-04 n.hoffmannAdapting to cdmlib version from security branch