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1 <h3>Authorship Part</h3>
3 <p>The authorship part is divided into the original combination authorship and the combination authorship.
4 The earlier is put in brackets.</p>
6 <pre>
7 Example (bot.): (L.) Mill.
8 Example (zoo.): (XXX, 1830) XXX, 1845
9 </pre>
11 <p>You can use either no authorship (only if not followed by any other part), the original combination
12 authorship, the combination authorship or both.</p>
14 <p>The parser differentiates botanical and zoological authorship. The later has a year following the
15 author, separated by a comma. Botanical names only have authors.
16 Authorship may include single persons and teams. Team members are separated by <code>&amp;</code> . A placeholder <code>al.</code>
17 may be used for further team members. Both authorships may include ex-authors separated by <code>ex</code> or <code>ex.</code>
18 Some valid author strings are:</p>
19 <pre>
20 Example (bot.): (Greuther & L'Hiver & al. ex Müller & Schmidt) Clark ex Ciardelli
21 Example (zoo.):
22 </pre>
24 <p>The number of allowed special characters like <code>'</code> or <code>-</code> at the moment is beyond the scope of this
25 documentation and will change in the future.</p>