[taxeditor.git] / eu.etaxonomy.taxeditor.store / OSGI-INF / l10n / messages.properties
1 CdmDataSourceViewPart_1=Loading datasources
2 CdmDataSourceViewPart_10=Server
3 CdmDataSourceViewPart_11=Name
4 CdmDataSourceViewPart_12=Connected
5 CdmDataSourceViewPart_2=Notes
6 CdmDataSourceViewPart_3=Compatible
7 CdmDataSourceViewPart_4=CDM Version
8 CdmDataSourceViewPart_5=Created
9 CdmDataSourceViewPart_6=Nomenclatural Code
10 CdmDataSourceViewPart_7=Database
11 CdmDataSourceViewPart_8=Type
12 CdmDataSourceViewPart_9=Up
13 LanguageEditorPreferencePage_ChooseDefaultLanguage=Please choose your default language for the editor:
14 LanguageEditorPreferencePage_EditorHasToRestart=The application has to be restarted, in order to complete the language switch.\nDo you want to restart now?
15 LanguageEditorPreferencePage_PleaseRestart=Please Restart
16 LanguageEditorPreferencePage_RestartRequired=After changing the default language, a restart is required,\nin order for the new settings to take effect.
17 OrderPreferencePage_NewNavigatorWindowRequired=After changing the order of the taxon nodes, closing and reopen of the taxon navigator is required.
18 OrderPreferencePage_PleaseReopenNavigator=Please close and reopen the taxon navigator.
19 UriWithLabelElement_URL_NOT_SAVED=URI won't be saved\!
20 UriWithLabelElement_COULD_NOT_OPEN_BROWSER=Could not open external browser. URI is invalid.
21 UriWithLabelElement_INVALID_URL=Invalid URI
22 UriWithLabelElement_OPEN_EXTERNAL_BROWSER=Open in external browser
24 ChangeConnectionHandler_ALREADY_CONNECTING=Already connecting
25 ChangeConnectionHandler_CONFIRM_DATASOURCE=Confirm Datasource Connection
26 ChangeConnectionHandler_CURRENTLY_CONNECTING_ALREADY=You are currently connecting to a different datasource already.
27 ChangeConnectionHandler_DATASOURCE_NOT_AVAILABLE=Chosen datasource is not available
28 ChangeConnectionHandler_REALLY_WANT_TO_CONNECT=Do you really want to connect to this datasource?\n\n
29 ChangeConnectionHandler_NOT_AVAILABLE_REASONS=This could mean that either the database server is not running or the machine is not reachable.\n\n Please also make sure that you are connected to the network when trying to connect to a remote datasource.
31 LoginDialog_CANCEL_MESSAGE=Aborting the login procedure will close the database.
32 LoginDialog_LOGIN=Login
33 LoginDialog_PASSWORD=Password
34 LoginDialog_REALLY_CANCEL=Do you really want to cancel?
35 LoginDialog_USER_LOGIN=User Login
36 LoginDialog_USER_NAME=Username
38 CdmViewerContextMenu_OPEN=Open (%s)
39 CdmViewerContextMenu_OPEN_IN=Open in...