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5 title="Troubleshooting"
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8 <title>General</title>
9 <faq id="whats-foo">
10 <question>How can I configure logging in the editor?</question>
11 <answer>
12 <p>To get log4j to read your own configuration when developing the editor or
13 anything that has to do with cdmLibrary eclipse plugin you have to tell
14 log4j explicitly what configuration it should use. Otherwise it will scan
15 the classpath and use the first log4j.xml/ file it finds
16 (which is mostly the in cdmlib-commons as it will be the
17 first one it encounters).</p>
18 <p>Passing the following argument to the Virtual Machine however does the trick:</p>
19 <source>-Dlog4j.configuration=file:///&lt;path to your personal\&gt;/</source>
20 <p>If you run into trouble , you can debug log4j's startup sequence by passing
21 another argument to the VM.</p>
22 <source>-Dlog4j.debug</source>
23 </answer>
24 </faq>
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26 </faqs>