Effort to try to align the nomenclatural status of the BerlinModel to common zoological stati. Please see also the following resources for help and input:

In general, what is called an invalid name in botany is an unavailable name in zoology. What is called in illegitimate name in botany is called an invalid name in zoology.

StatusRelIDBotanical TermZoological Term
nomen invalidum 1nom. inval. <--
invalid name. a designation but not a name under the rules of the ICBN
nomen illegitimum 2nom. illeg. <--
Name published in contravention of the rules of nomenclature. E.g. Zamia brongniartii Weddell is a nomen illegitimum, being a superfluous name for Ceratozamia boliviana Brongniart.
ZOO: this covers nomen vanum
nomen nudum 3nom. nud. <--
BOT: also nomen solum, nom. sol. Avowed new name unaccompanied by a description or diagnosis or image. E.g. Linden's name Cycas neocaledonica (L'Illustration Horticiole 28,1881).
ZOO: referring to a name that, if published before 1931, fails to conform to Article 12; or, if published after 1930, fails to conform to Article 13. A nomen nudum is not an available name, and therefore the same name may be made available later for the same or a different concept; in such a case it would take authorship and date [ICZN Articles 50, 21] from that act of establishment, not from any earlier publication as a nomen nudum.
Nomen rejiciendum 4nom. rej. supressed name
rejected name.
ZOO: suppressed name
Nomen rejiciendum propositum 5nom. rej. prop. ?
proposed rejected name. Temporary status until the next botanical congress decides about the proposal.
Nomen utique rejiciendum 6nom. utique rej. ?
Name rejected outright, i. e. without proposing another name to be conserved in favor of this name ("nomen utique rejiciendum"). This status applies to explicitly listed protonym names as well as to any combinations based on the protonym. See ICBN (Art. 56.1, Appendix V) because otherwise it would cause a disadvantageous nomenclatural change.
Nomen utique rejiciendum propositum 7nom. utique rej. prop. ?
proposaed rejected name on the basis of appendix V of ICBN
nomen conservandum 8nom. cons. protected name
names classed as available and valid by action of the ICZN or ICBN exercising its Plenary Powers . Includes rulings to conserve junior/later synonyms in place of rejected forgotten names (nomen oblitum). Such names are entered on the Official Lists.
ZOO: NOMEN PROTECTUM: protected name applied to a name which has been given precedence over it unused senior synonym or senior homonym relegated to the status of nomen oblitum (see Article 23.9.2).
nomen conservandum propositum 9nom. cons. prop. ?
proposed conserved name
Nomen conservandum 10orth. cons.
An orthographical variant of a name conserved by the ICZN or IBC.
11orth. cons. prop. ?
A proposed conservation of an orthographical variant
nomen superfluum 12nom. superfl. unnecessary substitute name
ZOO: unnecessary substitute name
nomen ambiguum 13nom. ambig.
ZOO: ambiguous name, one which has been used so long by different authors in different senses that it has become a persistent cause of error and confusion.
nomen provisorium 14nom. provis.
nomen dubium 15nom. dub.<--
A name of uncertain sense, of doubtful validity. E.g. the name Encephalartos tridentatus (Willdenow) Lehmann (Pugillus 6, 1834) is a nomen dubium which may refer to several species of Encephalartos or Macrozamia. ZOO: doubtful or dubious names, names which are not certainly applicable to any known taxon or for which the evidence is insufficient to permit recognition of the taxon to which they belong. May possess availability conducive to uncertainty and instability. Also 'names under enquiry': NOMEN INQUIRENDUM (NOMINA INQUIRENDA).
nomen novum 16nom. nov. <!--
New name designated when a name cannot be used for nomenclaturalpurposes and no type or original material exists. A name established expressly to replace an already established name. A nominal taxon denoted by a new replacement name (nomen novum) has the same name-bearing type as the nominal taxon denoted by the replaced name.
ZOO: new name which is expressly proposed as a replacement name for a preoccupied name , automatically takes the same type and type locality. (= a replacement name or substitute name for a preoccupied name). Commonly applied to names proposed to replace junior homonyms .
Nomen confusum 17nom. confus.
A name based on two or more different components.
nomen alternativum 18nom. altern.
An alternative name given in the original publication before 1953 based on the same type.
combinatio invalidum 19comb. inval.
subset of nom. inval. A zoological nomen vetitum (see below) belongs here.

Proposed new zoological nomenclatural stati:

nomen negatum 30 nom.neg.
denied names, unavailable names which are incorrect original spellings as defined by the Code. Subset of nom.inval. based only on spellings
nomen oblitum 31 nom.obl.
forgotten names, senior synonyms which have remained unused in the literature for many years. Have been treated differently by different editions of the Code, and remain unavailable names.

Zoological nomenclatural stati not needed:

NOMEN CORRECTUM (NOMINA CORRECTA): corrected names or 'improved' names, available names which are mandatory and allowable emendations of imperfect names or of taxonomic names higher than family (which are not subject to name form and ending regulations). Do not depend on transfer in taxon rank or assignment. (= an emended name).
NOMEN INVIOLATUM (NOMINA INVIOLATA): inviolate names, all available names not subject to any sort of alteration from their originally published form i.e. they were correct as originally published and need no correction or emendation .
NOMEN NULLUM (NOMINA NULLA): null names, unavailable names which as defined by the Code are non demonstrably intentional changes of an original spelling i.e. a form of incorrect subsequent spelling.
NOMEN PERFECTUM (NOMINA PERFECTA): perfect names, available names which when originally published met all mandatory requirements of the Code and needed no correction of any kind, but which are validly alterable by change of ending.
NOMEN SUBSTITUTUM (NOMINA SUBSTITUTA): substitute name, any available name whether new or not, proposed as replacement for any invalid name, such as a junior homonym. A substitute name proposed specifically for a preoccupied name is a nomen novum.
NOMEN TRANSLATUM (NOMINA TRANSLATA): transferred names, available names which have been altered (usually in endings only), the change depending on transfer from one taxonomic rank to another, or from one taxon to another. e.g. Spirifer ambiguus changed to new combination Composita ambigua: Orthidae downgraded to Orthinae etc. Authorship and date remains as for original name.
NOMEN VANUM (NOMINA VANA): vain names, available names consisting of unjustified but intentional emendations of previously published names. Have status in nomenclature with their own authorship and date. TREAT AS NOM.ILLEG. ???
NOMEN VETITUM (NOMINA VETITA): impermissible names, unavailable names published for divisions of the genus group other than genus and subgenus, which are not accepted by the Code. e.g. a subsection of a subgenus. comb.inval.